Graduate testimonial and Biography: Martyna Stasiewicz


Martyna Stasiewicz: MSc Human Anatomy 2019

The MSc Human Anatomy Masters programme in UCC has given me a unique opportunity to explore human anatomy in a challenging, interesting and structured manner and I was delighted with how much the MSc course would expand and further my knowledge of human biology which I had gained during my undergraduate studies in my BSc Neuroscience degree in UCC.

Through conveniently laid out lectures given by experienced anatomists, and hands-on experience of dissecting in practical classes, I found this course to be perfectly planned to ensure wide learning and understanding. I was given an opportunity to trial myself as a teacher which I would have never considered previously. Thanks to the pedagogy aspect of the course, upon completion I will not only have an exhaustive knowledge of anatomy, but also an additional career option as an anatomy teacher/laboratory demonstrator. With anatomy, radiology and pedagogy modules and research dissertation, this course opens up a considerable range of career opportunities, both professionally and academically, and provided me with an incredible set of skills for the future. During the course I also explored myself as a person and pushed my boundaries at times. This includes improving my public-speaking, presentation and communication skills. The continued support from departmental staff helped to stay on top of study material without unnecessary stress. 

Living in Cork for the last 12 years, I adapted quite well to the city and I have made lots of friends. I have found people and colleagues to be polite helpful and accommodating which helped me become very comfortable in Cork city. Having completed my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience in UCC, I was delighted to have had the opportunity to continue my studies in UCC with the MSc Human Anatomy. Following my MSc in Human Anatomy I decided to continue my studies and am currently undertaking a very interesiting PhD position in the Royal College Of Surgeons in Ireland.

Martyna Stasiewicz- BSc Neuroscience, MSc Human Anatomy, PhD Researcher, (Royal College of Surgeons Ireland).  

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