Moving to Ireland

Moving to Ireland

Moving to Ireland

Moving to Ireland

Removal Companies

The following is a list of removal companies in Ireland -

There are many international moving companies that can help you plan your move and transport your belongings.  provides quotes from several international movers.


Bringing a car into Ireland

All new motor vehicles and vehicles brought into Ireland are subject to Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) and must be registered with the Revenue Commissioners.

If you are moving to Ireland or are already living here and you are importing a car or other vehicle, you will need to do three things before you can drive your vehicle in Ireland:

  • Pay Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) (unless you are exempt)
  • Have motor insurance
  • Pay motor tax

See HERE for more information.

Full driving licences from all other EU member states (and some other countries) are recognised for use in Ireland. You should find out if you need to convert your driving licence to an Irish one.


Bringing a pet into Ireland

The importation of pets into Ireland is strictly controlled.

A new system is in place within the EU called the Pet Passport System which allows pets to be brought directly into Ireland from low-risk rabies countries. Pets traveling from outside the qualifying EU countries will be subject to six months quarantine. Pets coming to Ireland from the UK (or the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man) are not subject to the quarantine or passport requirements.

For full information on bringing your pet into Ireland see HERE

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