Conference Programme Endurance in Research


ENDURANCE IN RESEARCH Thursday 30th April 2015

09:00 am

Mr Barry O’Brien, Director of Human Resources, UCC


09:10 am

Professor Anita Maguire, Vice President of Research and Innovation, UCC

Opening Address

09:20 am

Dr Mark Jessopp, Chair of UCC Research Staff Association

Introduction to UCC RSA

09:30 am

Dr John Quinn, Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences, UCC

Quinnbio What determines success in research? A personal perspective

10:10 am

Professor Ursula Kilkelly,  College of Business & Law, UCC

 Research for Impact 

10:50 am


11:05 am

Professor John Cryan, Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, UCC

From Academia to Industry to Academia: A personal reflection

11:45 am

Dr Thomas Reed, Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences, UCC

How to get an ERC Starting Grant Reedbio

12.05 am

Dr Caitriona Ni Laoire,  School of Applied Social Studies, UCC NiLaoire bio

 An uphill struggle? Reflections on research career paths and uneven playing fields 

12:25 am

Dr Marie Kissane,  Eli Lilly

Should I stay or should I go? When to move out of Academic Research  Kissanebio and abstract

13:05 am


13:45 pm

Professor Colin Carlile, Founding Director of the European Spallation Source (ESS), Lund, Sweden

The Importance of being Bloody-Minded ColinBio and abstract

14:30 pm

Dr Helen Prendergast, Managing Director, MoreToExplore

Developing Resilience for Researchers moretoexplore

15:15 pm


15:30 pm

Dr Simon Elliott, Tyndall National Institute, UCC

Presentations under Fire

16:10 pm

Dr David O’Connell, Director of Research Support Services, UCC

Research Grant Funding  

16:50 pm

General Discussion and Evaluation Survey

17:00 pm

Workshop Finish



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