Researcher Conference 2015

Researcher Conference 2015

Endurance in Research
30th April 2015
Boole 1

This conference is aimed at all research staff and highlights the personal characteristics required to develop a successful research career. Presentations will showcase the experiences of successful researchers in a wide variety of fields, from UCC, Ireland and abroad, and offer advice on how to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive world of research. The imagination and determination, patience and resourcefulness required bring to mind the motto of the great Irish explorer, Ernest Shackleton, “By Endurance We Conquer”.
Delegates will hear about the personal experiences of the speakers and why they made the decisions they made,
what helped them and what mechanisms they used to enable their success.
With speakers from research, academia and industry plus practical advice on presentations, resilience in the workplace and grant applications,
there will be plenty to absorb and learn.
If you have ever stopped and wondered why you got into the wonderful world of research in the first place, and how you get from where you are to where you want to be, then this conference is for you!


Research Conference on Endurance Programme

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Tea/Coffee and sandwiches provided!


Professor Colin Carlile

Colin Carlile is founder of the European Spallation Source. The ESS construction cost alone is calculated at €1,843 billion

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