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Jonathan Stock

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I am Professor of Music, with previous work experience at HEIs in Australia and UK and with strong research links in East Asia. As an ethnomusicologist, my work draws on approaches from the social sciences and humanities, such as musical performance, fieldwork, ethnography, and historical study, and this range informs my teaching approaches as well. I have served as Head of Department and Head of School at UCC and as Associate Dean for Research (Sydney) among other roles offering some insights into how various universities run themselves. I've also acted as a panel chair on UK Arts and Humanities Research Council programmes, and so have some earlier behind-the-scenes experience on grants management and associated area. Two stints as editor of major journals in my subject area, give me some experience with the practicalities and challenges of building a profile of publications in music or related areas.

Type of Mentoring Offered: 1:1 or Panel Mentoring. Short term or long term relationships .Speed Mentoring - One meeting to address specific mentee need

Mentoring Topics Include: Advising Students,Student Engagement,Enhancing Student Learning Experiences,New Programme Development,Innovation in Teaching,Innovation in Research,Balancing Work and Family Responsibilities,Enhancing Creative Practice,Collaborative Research,Preparing Articles for Publication,Choosing Where to Publish - Publishing Strategically,Developing an Academic Profile,Writing Grant Applications,Managing/ Leading Grants and Projects,Research and Professional Ethics,Leading Labs/ Field Work,Grading & Assessing Student Work,Academic Leadership,Speaking at Conferences

Approach to Mentoring: I'm fairly analytical in approach, so the questions I'd raise might help some prospective mentees in working out for themselves how to achieve the aims they have. More broadly, I'd like to do my part in building the kind of institutional environment that serves us all well and keeps us all inspired and fulfilled in our work together. 

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