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What is a Hybrid Class?

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid classes at UCC Language Centre

Some of our classes are HYBRID classes to allow both onsite and remote students to connect with the class.

What is HYBRID teaching?

HYBRID means some students are physically present on campus and attend live in-person and other students are taught from their home or elsewhere (either because they are in another country or because they may be isolating or have health or travel issues.). All students attend the same lesson (at the same time) and can interact with each other and the teacher quite freely via camera and, at times, headphones.

Yes, but how does a hybrid class work?

The lesson type and mode of teaching are more or less the same as a regular class: the teacher outlines the aims of the lesson (and how it fits into the curriculum) and then starts the lesson and activities follow either teacher-directed or in Breakout rooms when you can interact with other students (for pairwork or group work). All files, records and links to the classroom material/PowerPoints/lesson are accessible in the learning platform you are assigned to (Canvas / Teams). You will have an orientation before you start class to ‘check the tech’ and other than that your teacher will guide you through the lessons and the course.

What do I need to bring? 

All students are required to bring to class a fully-charged laptop (with audio and video) and headphones to ensure full participation and access to course materials and a more valuable student experience.  A reliable internet connection is required (this is provided by UCC for on-campus students). You should download Microsoft Teams to your laptop before starting your course. UCC recommends the use of Chrome browser for best interaction with all its applications.  Please note that a laptop is a device that is suitable for study purposes and students who use another device such as a tablet will not be able to access some functions. A smartphone is not considered to be a suitable device for study purposes.

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