Tyndall National Institute - Block A Phase 1


Tyndall National Institute - Block A Phase 1 Interior Tyndall National Institute - Block A Phase 1 Lab 2
Tyndall National Institute - Block A Phase 1 Laboratory Tyndall National Institute Block A Phase 1 External Design


Project Description

The project consists of the refurbishment of two areas on the 2nd and third floors of Block A, Phase 1 in the Tyndall National institute. The project involved the moving of two electronic characterisation labs from the 1st and 2nd floors of the adjacent Block C building.

Although the new labs were moved into what were once the Micro- Electronic labs, it is still an older part of the Tyndall National institute and required a full Mechanical and Electrical upgrade of the support systems to ensure operation to modern standards.

The design of the lab in its new location has enabled the users to operate in a similar capacity to where they were previously situated but at the same time making use of the move to get as an efficient and ergonomic design as is possible to all current regulations and standards. The new area provides Mechanical, Electrical and process facilities for Lab C2.06 and C1.11

The project required the move of all ancillary equipment from the two labs including a large X-Ray machine and various pieces of sensitive electronic test equipment. This equipment was then commissioned, and the new labs are now fully operational in its new location.


Start Date                         November 2020                  Completion Date                August 2021                             
Status  Completed     

Project Team

UCC Tim Cronin Capital Projects Officer
  David Burke Project Manager
  Kevin Horgan Project Manager
Design Team Architect Butler Cammoranesi
  Civil Structural Horgan Lynch
  Mech & Elect MEP
  Quantity Surveyor AECOM
  PSDP ASM Group
Contractor Summerhill Construction  

For more information, please contact Tim Cronin, Capital Projects Officer @ tim.cronin@ucc.ie  

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