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UCC CPD Guidelines

Staff Professional Development-Guidelines for Staff and Managers 

The following guidelines set out UCC’s commitment to continual professional development (CPD) for all staff and outline the principles around relevancy, equity and frequency. 

No. 1 - Discussion via the PDRS framework or between reviews is encouraged between the line manager and staff member. These will explore and identify appropriate training and development activities and address any objectives arising during the year.  All staff are encouraged to undertake annually at least two internal workshops.  

No. 2 - Where development e.g. digital badge, longer-term course participation or involvement in mentoring is clearly linked to the individual’s role and the work priorities of the School, research or professional unit, it is appreciated that both time and effort are invested. 

  • All staff must get the approval from their line manager before undertaking such longer term development.
  • In order to ensure sufficient time for experiential practice and embedded learning in one’s daily work activities, staff are advised to limit their undertaking of longer term programmes to one per annum  e.g. modularised digital badge (over 7 weeks), senior leadership development programme (4.5 days over four months), Aurora programme (8 days over 6 months).

In most situations the line manager and staff member will be able to reach agreement on the most appropriate and cost-effective way of addressing the particular training and development need. 

No. 3 - Sometimes however, the preferred form of development support may not be achievable. This may be for a number of reasons including:

  • lack of or insufficient relevancy to individual’s role
  • lack of alignment with unit’s strategic objectives
  • where the activity occurs during working hours for programmes covered under the Fee Concession Policy
  • due to resource constraints and service needs including pressure of other work priorities
  • where another form of support is available that provides better value for money

In instances where a member of staff suggests a training activity which is not directly relevant to their current employment or takes place during working hours, managers may wish to support this option via:

  • extension of flexibility to enable staff member to undertake the activity, perhaps through unpaid or annual leave
  • reduction of staff member’s FTE, if workload allows
  • extension of start and finish times to cover staff member’s FTE

Support and advice on appropriate enabling of staff development is available to both managers and staff by contacting Staff Wellbeing & Development or your local HR Business Manager.

Updated: September 2023

Staff Wellbeing & Development

First Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC, T12 YN60