UCC Successful Team Leader



Participant GroupTeam leaders / managers / supervisors who are who are not currently participating in the Effective Employee programme

Duration: 10:00-12:30

Facilitators: Staff Wellbeing & Development & HR Business Managers

Individuals who attend at least 6 workshops in the Successful Team Leader programme within an 18 month period and complete a short reflective statement (600-word limit) describing the learning which they have taken back from these workshops in their approach to work will be awarded The Successful Team Leader Digital Badge. This badge recognises the personal and professional development journey taken by UCC staff in focusing on personal effectiveness skills.

The Successful Team Leader Programme 2023-2024


The Successful Team Leader takes place from September to May. It comprises of short (2.5 hour) sessions, facilitated by Staff Wellbeing & Development & HR Managers. The programme is designed to provide specific work-related knowledge, guidance and practical skills enhancement to Team Leaders across UCC. The workshops cover a wide range of areas designed to support line managers in successful HR management. The sessions are interactive and practical in approach. They are intended to provide support for managers through the sharing of information and guidance, and the opportunity for skills and knowledge development. The programme also provides opportunities to network with colleagues across the university. 


All semester 2 workshops are now open for booking via the 'My Training' tab on ESS 


In order to ensure sufficient time and space to embed all your programme learnings, best practice would suggest that staff participate in only ONE programme at any given time.


Staff feedback

  • This programme was excellent and I would highly recommend it. These sessions are an invaluable resource for those developing in management roles and those in management roles dealing with a new issue for the first time.
  • I found this programme very beneficial and feel more confident as a manager now to deal with issues as they arise. It was very useful to be able to speak to the group and the HR presenters for advice and guidance. I would really recommend this programme.
  • I really enjoyed the programme and have taken away some excellent strategies that I can put to use immediately.
  • I found it very informative – an eye-opener!  It has certainly made me look at managing change in a whole new light.
  • The workshops have been a great source of contemplating about my role as a team leader. They are very informative and the facilitator are very understanding and knowledgeable. 
  • Great to take the time to reflect meet other staff from different parts of college. Hopefully the workshops will allow me to work better with others in my team.
  • It gave me a chance to step back and think about my own approaches and interactions, and how to be more self-aware of my leadership style.
  • I loved the engagement with other colleagues from different disciplines all across the campus.
  • I have strong confidence that the knowledge I gained from these workshops will have a positive effect on how I approach, lead, and drive a team.
  • The participation in the workshops was always rich in terms of relevant content from a theoretical and practical perspective, as well as from the perspective of the diversity of participants in their roles and departments in UCC.This programme of workshops allowed me to get a fuller view and understanding of the people and work across UCC and how the different pieces of work are so interconnected and interdependent. It also reinforced my personal take on the general features of leadership - João Costa

Updated: December '23

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