UCC Effective Employee


Participant Group: All Staff (who are who are not currently participating in the Successful Team Leader programme)

Facilitators: Staff Wellbeing & Development 

Individuals who attend at least 6 Effective Employee workshops within an 18-month period & complete a short reflective statement (600-word limit) will be awarded The Effective Employee Digital Badge. The reflective statement should discuss the learnings which the participant has taken away from the workshops & applied to their own work practice. Reflective statements should be returned to traininganddevelopment@ucc.ie. This badge recognises the personal and professional development journey taken by UCC staff in focusing on personal effectiveness skills.

The Effective Employee Programme 2023-2024

Programme Overview

The Effective Employee programme consists of 2.5 hour sessions facilitated by Staff Wellbeing & Development & HR Managers. The sessions are designed to provide specific work-related knowledge, guidance & practical skills enhancement to staff members across UCC.  The workshops cover a wide range of areas and aim to support UCC staff in working effectively in the University. The sessions provide support for UCC staff through the sharing of information, the provision of guidance and clarity together with the opportunity for skills and knowledge development. The programme also provides opportunities to network with colleagues across the university.


All semester 2 workshops are now open for booking via the 'My Training' tab on ESS 


In order to ensure sufficient time and space to embed all your programme learnings, best practice would suggest that staff participate in only ONE programme at any given time.


Staff feedback

  • On completion of this course, I have acquired a greater understanding of how I work. It has enhanced my own personal development and confidence, and given me an insight into best practice for a healthy working environment. 
  • I have developed a new network from this workshop and I have had a very fruitful conversation with my line manager in relation to opportunities for developing my role.
  • The workshops will help be to develop my management and communication skills both within and outside UCC. They have been an excellent source of information and a great opportunity for self-reflection.
  • This programme has highlighted to me the importance of communicating clearly via email, the noises that interrupt communication, and considering how the receiver will decode the message.
  • Throughout the workshops I enjoyed the breakout sessions, hearing what other groups had to say.  I liked the welcome and introductions to the course, it was relaxed and open and I was always made to feel comfortable when asking questions or making comments.
  • The course providers facilitated really good  discussion sessions - these were well prepared and structured to promote reflection and learning. Excellent course materials were a huge benefit.

Updated: December '23

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