Building Self Confidence for Positive Results

Participant Group: All UCC Staff

Facilitator: Centre4Learning


Building Self Confidence for Positive Results provides tools and techniques to boost your confidence and build self-esteem. You will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and experiences with others in a safe environment, understand your own behavioural styles and those of others and develop achievable techniques for communicating and behaving more confidently.

On this course you will learn strategies for managing nerves, communicating assertively, and therefore feeling more empowered both at work and in your personal life.


• Identify what confident behaviour looks like and sounds like
• Discuss the impact of our mindset and beliefs on our confidence
• Explore your barriers to confidence and strategies for overcoming these
• Recognise the power of ‘purpose’
• Use some simple tools and techniques to boost your self-confidence and self-belief


Date: Tuesday 12th March 2024

Time: 2pm - 5pm

Location: North Wing Conference Room

Open for booking Via ESS 

Staff Wellbeing & Development

First Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC, T12 YN60