HR Staff Wellbeing & Development News

HR Staff Wellbeing & Development News

Staff Wellbeing & Development Survey 2017

Thank you to those who responded to our recent survey

Your feedback has assisted us in planning our schedule of training courses and events for the academic year 2017/18

We heard that the training workshops and wellbeing events attended during 2016/17 benefited staff members in their role, work practices and wellbeing.

However you told us that that the timing and timetabling of some programmes can cause difficulty so our schedule of workshops and events in 2017/18 will address this feedback e.g. where ever possible, half day programmes will take place in the mornings.

Programmes highlighted as being particularly useful, applicable and enjoyable in maintaining and improving your wellbeing and personal effectiveness were noted and we will strive to provide more of these type programmes. This will also assist staff who have found it difficult to book onto courses due to their popularity. 

Specific feedback related to individual programmes will be fed back to the course provider also.

Our 2017/18 schedule is currently being finalized and we will start advertising training workshops and wellbeing events for September shortly.

In the meantime please visit our website for further information.    


Updated: August 2017


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