Lectureship Promotions & Establishment Board

The current membership of the Lectureship Promotions and Establishment Board is as follows:


Ex Officio Members:

Interim President, Professor John O'Halloran Chairperson 
Interim Deputy President & Registrar, Professor Stephen Byrne


Nominated by Academic Council:

College of Science, Engineering and Food Science:

Dr Ruth Ramsay (Expires 31 Oct 2024)

Professor E Byrne (Expires 30 June 2021)


College of Business and Law:

Prof D. Madden (Expires 30 Sep 2022)

Prof M Beck (Expires 1 Jan 2025)


College of Medicine and Health:

Prof M McEntee (Expires 31 Aug 2024) 

Dr L Sahm (Expires Jan 2023)


College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences:

Dr H Morgan (Expires 4th March 2025)

Prof C Linehan (Expires 30 Sep 2022)



Secretary: Director of Human Resources/his or her nominee

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Human Resources

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