Training & Briefing Sessions 2021

Training & Briefing Sessions 2021

We have a range of briefing sessions offered throughout 2021 set out below, to book your place email 

To access self-directed training material, please click here Training Pack


Brief Description & Duration


ePerformance Session

A 30 minute session which walks you through the online performance review platform

23rd February at 10.30am

4th March at 1.30pm

16th March at 11am

29th March at 2pm



PDRS Briefing



40 minute walk through UCC’s PDRS process

26th February at 11am

2nd March at 12 noon

8th March at 3pm

26th March at 3.30pm

8th April at 11am 


PDRS Skills Training


2 hour practical session in goal setting and meeting preparation.


26th February at 2.30pm

15th March at 11am

16th April at 2.30pm 

Conducting a Review Meeting

1 hour session to gain practice conducting a review meeting - One to One/ Paired Training. There is a perquisite that you have briefed yourself on the PDRS process prior to attending.

22nd February at 3pm

9th March at 10am

25th March at 9:30am

20th April at 12 noon 

Enhancing Team Performance

3 hour workshop on optimising team performance

30th March at 2pm

30th April at 10am 

Heads Performance Session

2 hour practical session on balancing performance in the Headship role

5th March at 10am

22nd March at 2pm

23rd April at 3pm

Human Resources

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