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Frequently Asked Questions

Should performance management activity continue during COVID-19?

UCC’s Performance Management System encourages frequent, informal conversations in providing clarity and support for all staff regarding accomplishing of their work, feedback and recognition of achievements.

What about timelines for completing PDRS?

As much as possible you should continue to follow your local timeline for completion of reviews. The current cycle runs from January 2021 to end of December 2021.

We are in the process of reaching out to Heads to get an indication of timelines for the conducting of PDRS reviews.  There is an acknowledged flexibility needed for completion deadlines due to current COVID-19 demands. In such situations we would encourage the Head of any impacted area to notify us of any delay to the notified deadline.

My Goals and Objective from my last PDRS changed due to other needs during COVID-19 – How will this be catered for during my next review?

Consideration of the previous review cycle will be cognisant of the many impacts of COVID-19 on previous goals and objectives. The focus of the current cycle in this regard will be to have open discussion on this impact and to plan in a flexible manner on any re-prioritised or changed goals.

Are we able to do Reviews remotely online?

E-performance has been rolled out across campus with all users now in the system.   Using your staff login via Single Sign On (SSO) you can access the system securely remotely.   You can log in and find user guidance material via the Performance Management Webpage.

 Is Performance and Development Review compulsory?

Reviews are compulsory for all University staff, who work 0.5 FTE or more and have more than one year remaining on a contract of employment.

Where can I download the Staff Performance and Development Review Form?

Review forms can be downloaded from Policy & Form section of the website. However we encourage all staff to use the electronic form in the platform

Can I have a review in Irish?
Yes. Translators can be provided. Forms are also available in Irish on the Policy & Forms section of the site.

How often do I have a Performance and Development Review discussion?
Reviews shall be conducted once every two years, but annually if requested by an individual staff member.

 Who is my reviewer?
The reviewer is based on one up line of reporting.

What is the Peer Committee?
Each staff member will have a choice between having a review with the 'Person to whom one reports' or with a 'Peer Committee'.

The 'Peer committee' will comprise two or three members as follows:

the person to whom the reviewee reports;

a departmental colleague, agreed between the reviewee and the person to whom the reviewee reports;

at the request of the reviewee, a third member, representative of them reviewee's grade, may be selected at random from a panel of trained reviewers established through nomination by each staff category.

See Policy for full details

If I job-share, do I complete a review with my job sharer?
The review is a self-evaluation and structured discussion aimed at personal, professional and individual career development. It is a developmental process driven by the individual. Job-sharers would complete individual Performance and Development Review discussions.

 How do I know who to have a review with if I work for more than one area?
In the first cycle the review would be conducted with the area where the greatest contribution is made. In the next cycle the review would be conducted with the other area. A staff member only has one review in any one cycle.

What happens to the document?
The Review form stays at local level and remains confidential to reviewer and reviewee. The Summary Record part of the form also stays at local level.

What happens when reviews are completed?
The Head of Department/Centre/Unit collates the outcomes arising from all reviews and compiles a brief, non-personalised, summary of collective needs and issues highlighted by the process.

Also, the Head of Department/Centre/Unit will notify the Department of Human Resources and Organisational Development regarding the completion of staff reviews. 

What happens to the Training and Development needs identified?
A non-personalised summary of training and development needs is forwarded to the Employee and Organisational Development Services Team, Department of Human Resources and Organisational Development.

 I work 16 hours or less a week am I exempt?
The cut off point for inclusion is at 50% of full time equivalent (FTE).

 I am due to retire, do I have a Performance and Development Review discussion?
Those within one/two years of retirement may be deemed exempt as a Reviewee, however, where relevant, Reviewer obligations are not exempt under the system.

What if an issue arises during my review, who can I go to?
If a serious issue arises during the course of reviews, then this should be brought to the attention of the Department of Human Resources and Organisational Development, with the agreement of both parties.

Who sees the Performance and Development Review in UCC?

The review and the Performance and Development Review paperwork are confidential between Reviewee and Reviewer. The paperwork shall stay at local level with a lifespan of 4 years, after which it shall be shredded. Part B is confidential between Reviewee and Reviewer and the Head of Department/Centre/Unit receives a copy.

 I have a specific question which does not arise with the above, who can I talk to in confidence?
Contact HR Strategy & Organisation Development

Human Resources

Acmhainní Daonna

Ground Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC