Planning for Retirement

Retirement Planning

Emotional Aspects of Retirement - Webinar

UCC in conjunction with its Employee Assistance Provider, PPC, organised a webinar on 13th December 2011 for retiring staff covering the topic of the emotional aspects of retirement and the management of challenges that may present themselves.  The following was covered in the webinar:

  1. Identification of the pattern of emotions and how to recognise what stage you’re at;
  2. Presentation of a plan on how to manage the emotions associated with a life-stage transition and;
  3. Provision of a toolkit that participants can use before and after retirement, including the identification of supports available.

A copy of the slides from the webinar are available here: The Emotional Impact of Retirement (66kB)

Retirement Planning Course (in-house)

UCC organises a two-day course on retirement planning for staff considering retirement and those about to retire in UCC. This course is normally offered once per academic year. Participants are encouraged to attend with their spouses/partners.

Course Aims

Retirement is a process of development into a new way of life and, hopefully, many years filled with quality time. With planning and preparation, this phase of life can be a time of opportunity and fulfilment. This course aims to give participants an opportunity to prepare themselves for their future, so that their new life may be approached with confidence and enthusiasm.

Topics covered include: Healthy Lifestyle Options, Superannuation, Investment Options, Taxation and Social Welfare Benefits.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will have:

  • Identified all the main areas of future change;
  • Sufficient knowledge of the taxation system to ensure the claiming of all entitlements;
  • Information to allow them make choices in relation to investments and;
  • An awareness of the importance of hobbies and interests in retirement.

Course Style

This course will be conducted in a friendly atmosphere whereby all participants are encouraged to ask questions and take part in discussions.


Retirement Planning February 2011

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