Portrait, John Butler Yeats RHA (1839-1922), 'James W. Slattery MA LLD'

31 Jul 2020

Painting in oil on canvas, framed, of James W. Slattery (President, Queen's College, Cork, 1890-1896).

Ref: UCCHS.Portrait003 © University College Cork

Artist: John Butler Yeats RHA (1839-1922), Irish.

Date: Possibly painted in 1883 at the same time as that of Virginia Wolfe Slattery.

Provenance: Gifted by David Antony Douglas Slattery MBE to UCC in 2008 as one of a pair with the portrait of Virginia Wolfe Slattery; probably previously in family ownership. David Antony Douglas Slattery, a medical doctor, is son of Rear-Admiral Sir Matthew Sausse Slattery and Mica Mary Swain. Rear-Admiral Sir Matthew Sausse Slattery, KBE, CB, FRAeS (12 May 1902–16 March 1990) was a British naval officer, military aviator and businessman. Matthew Slattery was son of Henry Francis Slattery and Agnes Cuddon. Henry F. Slattery was possibly brother to James W. Slattery and so this explains ownership of the paintings.

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Martyn Anglesea, 'John Butler Yeats', Dictionary of Irish Biography 

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