Lero brings together leading software research teams from Universities and Institutes of Technology in a coordinated centre of research excellence with a strong industry focus. Lero has raised the level and profile of Irish software research with such effect that it is now one of the best known and highly regarded software-related research centres in the world. Computer Science staff includes Professor Gregory Provan and Dr Klaas Jan Stol. Other researchers in UCC who are Lero members include Professor John McCarthy (Psychology).

Professor Provan is the director of the Blended Autonomous Vehicle spoke of Lero, a 4.2M euro project focusing on enabling autonomous operation for a wide range of vehicles, from cars to farm vehicles. Prof. Provan also works on embedded software, machine learning for autonomy, and model-based software development for critical systems.

Dr Stol focuses on software development based on open source, inner source, and crowdsourcing, as well as other topics related to company strategies and tactics that can help improve software development practice.

Research Staff

Professor Gregory Provan Lecturer WGB 1.71 021 420 5928 g.provan@cs.ucc.ie 
Professor John McCarthy (Psychology) Lecturer   021 490 4502  john.mccarthy@ucc.ie
Dr Klaas Jan Stol Lecturer WGB G.69 021 420 5923 k.stol@cs.ucc.ie 
Dr John Hutchinson Senior Post Doctoral Researcher WGB 2.09 021 420 5935  john.hutchinson@cs.ucc.ie  
Dr Ziba Pakdel Research Assistant WGB 2.09 021 420 5986  rp3@cs.ucc.ie  
Dr Zia Ush Shamszahan Post Doctoral Researcher WGB 2.09 021 420 5983  z.shamszaman@cs.ucc.ie  

Research Students

Maroun Tabbal PhD Offsite Offsite  m.tabbal@mars.ucc.ie  
Yves Sohege  PhD  WGB 209  Offsite   y.sohege@cs.ucc.ie  

School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Scoil na Ríomheolaíochta agus na Teicneolaíochta Faisnéise

School of Computer Science and Information Technology, Western Gateway Building, University College Cork, Western Road, Cork, Ireland