AI Quest Makes History: Unveiling Tech Prodigies Who Tackled Sustainability Challenges

24 Feb 2024

In a historic event, the AI Quest has wrapped up, leaving in its wake a trail of ground-breaking achievements by winners who harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) to address pressing sustainability challenges. The first-of-its-kind competition, organized by the University College Cork’s School of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, the SFI Centre for Research Training in Artificial Intelligence (CRT-AI), in collaboration with Cadence Design Systems (Ireland), set the stage for an exemplary showcase of global talent.

The illustrious FSGWL team, consisting of Hong Hanh Nguyen-Le (UCD), Ho Thang Long Nguyen (HCMUS), and Van-Tuan Tran (TCD), emerged as the overall champions, claiming the coveted €5,000 cash prize. Their collaborative efforts epitomized the true spirit of the competition, demonstrating the power of international collaboration in the realm of AI.

Best Group receiving the AI Quest prize of €5,000. pictured with Prof Barry O'Sullivan, Head of School Prof Utz Roedig, and Chrys Ngwa Insight Business Dev Manager

Pictured above: The FSGWL Team are presented with the AI Quest Top Prize of €5,000, by AI Quest founder, Dr. Harry Nguyen, Prof. Barry O'Sullivan, Madhur Sharma od Cadence, and Chrys Ngwa Insight













Philip Betts, representing UCC as a solo contender under the banner of Team DataScienceAI, secured the Most Creative Prize, earning a well-deserved €1,000 for his innovative solution. Betts showcased the impact of individual ingenuity in pushing the boundaries of AI innovation.

 Phili Betts, UCC DSA third year student winning Most Creative Solution Prize. Pictured with Dr Harry Nguyen, Prof Barry O'Sullivan, Madhur Sharma of Cadence, Chrys Ngwa Insight Business Dev Manager

Pictured above: Third year DSA BSc student, Philip Betts, is presented with the Creative Prize. Pictured with Dr. Harry Nguyen, Prof. Barry O'Sullivan, Madhur Sharma of Cadence, rof Utz Roedig CSIT Hed of School and Chrys Ngwa Insight













Oluwabukola Grace Adegboro (DCU), a vital member of the formidable AlgoNinjas, not only contributed to her team's success but also earned recognition with the Women's Prize, adding another €1,000 to the tally of well-deserved awards.

Oluwabukola Adegboro winner of the Top Woman of Influence Award, is presented with her €1,000 prize, presented by Prof. Barry O'Sullivan

Pictured above: Oluwabukola Grace Adegboro is presented with the Top Womans Prize















The AI Quest, a pioneering initiative, focused on developing robust AI for identifying vegetation patches from high-resolution aerial images capturing the scenic beauty of Irish landscapes. The Quest 2023, attracted 60 teams with 120+ members, aimed to contribute significantly to the advancement of AI models, paving the way for sustainable climate solutions.

The Solution Presentation and Award Ceremony, held at the iconic Aula Maxima, served as a fitting stage to honour these exceptional achievers. The ceremony celebrated their technical prowess while underscoring the global significance of collaborative efforts in addressing environmental concerns.

As the winners bask in their well-earned recognition, the organisers express their eagerness to build on the success of this inaugural event, aspiring to make the AI Quest an annual tradition. The competition's resounding success and the calibre of solutions presented have fuelled the organisers' vision to continue fostering collaboration and innovation in the intersection of AI and sustainability in the coming years.

The AI Quest stands as a beacon for the winners and for the entire community of participants who collectively advanced the conversation on the role of AI in crafting solutions for a sustainable future. The organisers extend their congratulations to all participants, hoping that the success of this first edition will inspire even greater achievements in the future.


More photos of the event can be viewed below:

collage of the AI Quest 2023

collage of the AI Quest 2023collage of the AI Quest 2023

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