Supporting Civic & Community Initiatives


Community Advisory Council

Community engagement requires us to be informed and responsive through listening and understanding community perspectives, basing our initiatives around local circumstances, strengths and needs. Our Community Advisory Council enables specific members of the public and community partners to take an active formal role in the policy making and oversight activities of civic and community engagement at UCC. A further Annual Plenary Meeting is open to the public and community partners to attend to engage in dialogue and deliberation on the progress of our plan.

University Civic and Community Engagement Committee

Led by the Vice-President External Relations, the University Civic and Community Engagement Committee is the main contact point for civic and community engagement at UCC. The committee, nominated by our Colleges and University Offices, has overall responsibility for the strategic direction and implementation of the UCC Civic and Community Engagement Plan. The committee is advised by a Community Advisory Council and an International Advisory Group. Students are represented by on the committee by the Students Union President. 

Community Based Research and Learning Committee

Led by the Interim Vice President, Teaching and Learning, Dr. Marian McCarthy, the Community Based Research and Learning Committee has a university-wide focus on the integration of community-based research and learning across the university, developing accredited programmes and modules, and staff professional development. Members include a community representative and the Students Union Education Officer. Other members with engaged research and pedagogy expertise are nominated from our Colleges and University Offices.

International Advisory Group

Our International Advisory Group consists of external international members with significant civic and community engagement expertise. From 2019-2022, the group will meet annually to provide formative and summative monitoring support to UCC on the implementation of our Civic and Community Engagement Plan. This review process is facilitated by a Programme Logic Model and a Monitoring Framework.

Civic & Community Engagement

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