Community Academic Research Links

About the Initiative

The mission of Community-Academic Research Links (CARL) is to provide independent, participatory research support in response to concerns expressed by civil society. Each year it invites non-profit voluntary or community organisations to collaborate with students and supervisors from across the university on research topics generated by the community, and involving a wide range of academic disciplines.

CARL is a ‘Science Shop’, a 40 year European tradition of some of the highest ranked Universities in Europe and worldwide that are part of the Living Knowledge Network. As one of the first to be established in the Republic of Ireland, CARL’s community research partnerships began in September 2010, and in a short time it has produced research that generates much interest outside the university walls, often impacting government policy.

Over 100 open research reports produced with local community research partners.

CARL is committed to the free and open publication of our research results.

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Projects Available for Student Research

The UCC CARL initiative has a number of projects available for students to undertake as part of their undergraduate (Final Year project) or postgraduate (Masters) research projects for the coming academic year.

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Community organisations invited to suggest research topics

Non-profit voluntary or community organisations (CSOs) can suggest potential research topics across a wide range of academic disciplines in UCC to be pursued by students on their behalf.

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Civic & Community Engagement

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