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Completed CARL Projects

UCC’s Community-Academic Research Links is committed to the free and open publication of our research results. As part of the research agreement, the student, community partner and CARL have agreed that the completed research reports are posted on this webpage. Please click on the expandable menu below, organised by year, and then on the student(s) name to download a copy of a research report.

Ongoing CARL Projects


Community GroupProjectYearStudent(s)CourseSupervisor(s)
Eating Disorder Clinic Dental Education and Eating Disorders 2016/17 Marcia Morgado Domingos Bachelor of Dental Surgery Professor Anthony Roberts and Dr Martina Hayes
MITO Families Ireland Parents' fear of allegations of fabricated/induced illnesses in their children: Exploring the voices of MITO Families Ireland  2017/18 Phil O'Sullivan MA Social Work Dr. Fiachra Ó Súilleabháin
Churchfield Community Trust An international review on the needs of people who have offending behaviours and/or substance misuse issues  2017/18 Niamh Condron MA Social Work Dr. Fiachra Ó Súilleabháin
Togher Family Centre Exploring the experiences of families from new communities accessing early intervention  2017/18 Helen Devery MA Social Work Pearl Doyle
Douglas Matters Exploring data and community stakeholders’ views on the needs of young people in the area 2017/18 John Daunt, Stephanie Tips & Cara McCarthy MA Social Work Dr. Fiachra Ó Súilleabháin
Aspect Evaluating intervention strategies to promote mental health wellbeing among individuals (aged 18-21) with ASD non-ID: The experiences of professionals in Cork/Kerry  2017/18 Lynn Brosnan BA Social Science Nicola Maxwell
NASC A qualitative case study exploring the transition of aged out unaccompanied minors (UAM’s) from foster care into Direct Provision (DP)  2017/18 Denise Healy MA Social Work Caroline Shore
Breaking the Silence Profiling community lead multilevel intervention for suicide prevention  2017/18 Rebecca Donnachie MA Social Work Dr. Eleanor Bantry White
Eating Disorder Centre Cork What can prevent GPs from identifying early stages of an eating disorder in their patients? A small scale qualitative study of Munster GP’s experiences  2017/18 Cadhla O’Sullivan BA Social Science Robert Bolton
Cork Deaf Association The effects of acquired hearing loss on older people in Cork  2017/18 Amy Walsh MSc Audiology Dr. Siobhan Laoide-Kemp
European Headache Alliance/Migraine Association of Ireland What is best practice of patient support among European Headache Alliance organisation? An overview of existing resources from members’ websites  2017/18 Carrie O’Brien Master in Public Health Dr. Zubair Kabir
Cork Advocacy Group How does the BOC Southern Services’ service model work for adults with ID? 2017/18 Marguerite O’Sullivan BA Social Science Margaret Buckley
Age Action Exploring the views of downsizing among older people: A small scale qualitative research project focusing on the attitudes of older homeowners to downsizing 2017/18 Niamh Connery BA Social Science Rebecca Jeffers
Westgate Foundation Exploring the impact of technology on the lives of older people 2017/18 Bernard O’Sullivan Bachelor of Social Work Lydia Sapouna
Mayfield Integrated Community Development Evaluating the crèche service provided by the Mayfield Integrated Community Development Project  2017/18 Sarah Conroy Bachelor of Social Work 

Lydia Sapouna

Leave No Trace Ireland The impact of disturbance to wildlife caused by dogs not under effective control (i.e. on or off a lead) 2017/18 Muireann Tierney BSc Zoology Dr. Thomas Quirke
Cork Nature Network What protection and conservation measures are there that can be adopted for otters given that there will be future pressures on flood control measures 2017/18 Grace Walsh BSc Zoology Dr. Thomas Quirke
Ballybrannigan Community Group A historical investigation into the management of coastal erosion and the interaction between people and sea at Ballybrannigan 2017/18 Fiachra McKermott & Catherine Rooney MA History Dr. Malgorzata D'Aughton

Completed Projects 2017

Report 52. Before 5 Family Centre Community Research Report (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Before 5 Family Centre, Churchfield, Cork. Community Researchers: Christine Ahern, Mary Barry, Kenneth Burns, Susan Calnan, Sheila Cosgrave, Gertrude Cotter, Maria Dobrea, Sarah Foley, Martin Galvin, Betty Golden, Ruth Hally, June Hamill, Gillian Hayes, Owen Jump, Irene Madden, Christine Moynihan, Louise O’Connor, Catherine O’Mahony, Kathleen Ryan, Ola Olwabunmi Taiwo, Triona Wallace, Clare Watson. This report was compelted as part of PG6025, a multi-disciplinary module on community-based participatory research for doctoral students in UCC. 2017_Before5_Report (7,925kB) 

Report 53. Influence of Disturbance on Shorebird Behaviour (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Leave No Trace Ireland. Student: Ciara Sexton. Community Partner Liaison: Maura Lyons. Course: BSc. (Hons) Zoology. Supervisor: Prof. John Quinn. Ciara Sexton 2017 CARL project for Leave No Trace Ireland (1,605kB) )

Report 54. Ballinora Community Website (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Ballinora Community Association. Student: Damien O'Sullivan. Community Partner Liaison: Pat O'Connor. Course: BSc. (Hons) Business Information Systems. Supervisor: Dr. Audrey Grace. Damien O'Sullivan 2017 CARL project Ballinora Community Association (3,661kB) )

Report 55. A Review of Respiratory Medicines Expenditure in the Primary Care Reimbursement Services. 2005-2015 (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Irish Asthma Society. Student: Jackie O'Dwyer. Community Partner Liaison: Kevin Kelly. Course: MA Health Economics Practice. Supervisor: Dr. Aileen Murphy. Jackie O Dwyer 2017 CARL project for Irish Asthma Society (847kB) 

Report 56. An Exploration of the Outdoor Play Experiences of Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Cope Foundation. Student: Áine Blake and Julie Sexton. Community Partner Liaison: Maeve Coughlan. Course: 4th year Occupational Therapy. Supervisor: Dr. Helen Lynch. Áine Blake & Julie Sexton 2017 CARL project for Cope Foundation (2,531kB) 

Report 57. Accessing the City: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Wheelchair-Users in Cork City (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: The Cork Centre for Independent Living. Student: Michael O'Donnell. Community Partner Liaison: Ms. Nicola Meacle. Course: Bachelor of Social Science Year 3. Supervisor: Dr. Fiona Dukelow. Michael O Donnell CARL report 2017 for Cork Centre for independent living 

Report 58. What is Positive Ageing? An exploration of the views of the participants of the Westgate Foundation (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Westgate Foundation. Student: Orla McManamon. Community Partner Liaison: Aisling Murphy. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisor:  Lydia Sapouna. Orla McManamon 2017 CARL project for Westgate Foundation (939kB) 

Report 59. Friendly Call Cork – An Exploration of Befriending Services in Addressing Loneliness and Social Isolation Amongst Older Adults in Cork (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Friendly Call Cork. Student: Paul Lehane. Community Partner Liaison: Ms. Brenda Barry. Course: Bachelor of Social Science Year 3. Supervisor: Dr. Fiona Dukelow. Paul Lehane 2017 CARL project Friendly Call Cork (1,124kB) 

Report 60. Students with epilepsy, their experiences in school and with State exams (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Epilepsy Ireland. Student: Sarah Cooke. Community Partner Liaison: Loretta Kennedy. Course: Bachelor of Social Science Year 3. Supervisor: Lorna Kenny. Sarah Cooke 2017 CARL project Epilepsy Ireland (793kB)

Reports 61, 62, 63. Pathways to Stability: Past and Present (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Churchfiled Community Trust. Students: Orla Fogarty, Lisa O'Connell & Katie Morrissey. Community Partner Liaison: Kevin Mooney. Course: Masters of Social Work-Year 2. Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Burns. O. Fogarty, L. O'Connell, k. Morrissey merged CARL projects 2017 CCC

Report 64. Feenagh-Kilmeedy Community Study (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Feenagh-Kilmeedy Community Development Group. Students: Sinead Kearney & Sinead Kelly. Community Partner Liaison: Siobhan Heaney. Course: Masters in Planning and Sustainable Development. Supervisor: William Brady. S. Kearney,S. Kelly CARL Report 2017 Feenagh-Kilmeedy CDG (3,501kB)

Report 65. An Evaluation of the Cork City Parent Infant Network Group: Supporting and promoting practitioner engagement in Parent-Infant Mental Health (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Cork City Parent-Infant Network Group. Student: Gemma Reaney. Community Partner Liaison: Claire Reardon. Course: Masters of Social Work, Year 2. Supervisor: Fiona O’ Gorman.Gemma Reaney 2017 CARL Project for Cork City Parent Infant Network Group

Report 66. The Zebra in the Room: An Exploration of Anticipatory Grief in Families of Children with Mitochondrial Disease and the Role of Social Work (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Mito Families Ireland. Student: Tammy Meehan. Community Partner Liaison: Audrey McMorrow. Course: Masters of Social Work, Year 2. Supervisor: Caroline Shore.Tammy Meehan 2017 CARL Project for Mito Families Ireland

Report 67. An analysis of people’s behaviours and attitudes to food consumption and waste (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Stop Food Waste. Student: Michelle Sweeney. Community Partner Liaison:Donal O’Leary. Course: MSc in Food Business. Supervisor: Dr. Ronan O’Farrell.Michelle Sweeney 2017 CARL project Stop Food Waste Challenge

Report 68. Parents and Kids Together Programme: Exploring the potential for informal support (2017). Community/Voluntary Group:  YMCA. Student: Tatyana Yeriskina. Community Partner Liaison: Chriszine Backhouse. Course: MSocSc (Social Policy). Supervisor: Dr Deirdre Horgan.Tatyana Yeriskina 2017 CARL project YMCA-PAKT

Report 69. Demonstration of the need for a service to treat sexually harmful behaviours in young people in the Southern Region (Cork/Kerry) (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Action Learning Group. Student: Emily O'Callaghan. Community Partner Liaison: Kathy D’Arcy. Course: MA Criminology. Supervisor: Katharina Swirak.Emily O'Callaghan 2017 CARL project Action Learning Group Cork

Report 70. An analysis of the distribution of self-reported deafness in Munster (2017). Community/Voluntary Group: Cork Deaf Enterprises. Student: Yvonne Creedon. Community Partner Liaison: Nora Geary. Course: MSc Audiology. Supervisor: Dr Siobhan Laoide-Kemp.Yvonne Creedon 2017 CARL project Deaf Enterprises

Further reports will be posted after examinations boards in July and September 2017. For a list on ongoing projects, click here

Completed Projects 2016

Report 45. An Exploration of General Practitioner's Knowledge of Eating Disorders: A Pilot study in Cork City and County (2016). Community/Voluntary Group: Eating Disorder Clinic Cork (EDCC). Student: 2016 Hazel McDermott. Community Partner Liaison: Course: Bachelor of Social Science. Supervisor: Dr Siobhan O'Sullivan.

Report 46. A case study evaluation of a drugs education awareness program delivered by the Togher Link-Up Project to a girls’ secondary school in the south side of Cork city (2016). Community/Voluntary Group: Togher Link-Up. Student: 2016 Robert Riordan. Community Partner Liaison: Kieran O'Connell. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisor: Mr. Pat Leahy. 

Reports 47 and 48 (combined) Living with Post Natal Depression: An exploration of the experience of fathers whose partners suffer from Post-Natal Depression.  Community/Voluntary Group: Post Natal Depression Ireland. Students: 2016_Caroline_Sammon+Eadaoin_Ryan. Community Partner Liaison: Madge Fogarty. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisors: Fiona O’ Gorman & Dr Eleanor Bantry White.

Report 49. Another Side to Their Story: Including People with Down syndrome in an Initial Exploration of the Social Fabric of Their Emotional Well-Being.  Community/Voluntary Group: Down Syndrome Cork. Student: 2016 Sarah Dunphy. Community Partner Liaison: Julie Gill. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Lydia Sapouna. 

Report 50. Feasability Study for Lions Youth Centre Community Café. 2016 CARL Carrigaline Lions Study. Community/Voluntary Group: Carrigaline Lions Youth Centre Project. Students: Conor O’Donovan, Conor Scannell, Emma Keane, Sean Lordan, Ruiqian Yan & Peter Bresnan. Community Partner Liaison: Wendy McCarry & Brian Thoma. Course: Master of Science in Corporate Finance. Supervisor: Dr Steve O'Callaghan. 

Report 51. An exploration of the Benefits of After-School Club for Children, Focusing on their Emotional and Social Development. Community/Voluntary Group: Before 5 Family Centre. Student: 2016_Terri_Lacey‌. Community Partner Liaison: Mary Barry. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Rachel Rice.


Completed Projects 2015

Report 38. Life After Care: Carers’ Experiences of Cessation of the Caring Role - Report for Cork Carers Association (2015). Researcher: Carol Kelleher, UCC Staff Member, Department of Management and Marketing. Report and enquiries directly to Carol at 

Report 39. Direct Payment: the lived experiences of eight individuals in Ireland (2015). Community/Voluntary Group: Áiseanna Tacaíochta. 2015_Aoife_OBrien. Course: Master of Social Science (Social Policy). Supervisor: Dr Claire Edwards.

Report 40. Fabrication or Induction of Illness in Older People (2015). 
Community/Voluntary Group: Age, Wisdom and Hope. Student: 2015_Esther_Ngambi. Information Sheet and Checklist - FII in Older Adults. Course: Master of Social Science (Social Policy). Supervisor: Dr Kenneth Burns.

Report 41. Infrastructural faults within the Lehenaghbeg/Lehenaghmore residential area (2015). 
Community/Voluntary Group: Lehenaghbeg /LehenaghmoreResidents Association, Cork. Student: 2015_Pacelli_Nolan. Course: UCC Centre for Planning Education and Research / Masters in Planning and Sustainable Development. Supervisor: Jonathan Hall.

Report 42. An Evaluation of the Experiences of the Participants of a Men’s Shed in County Cork (2015)
. Community/Voluntary Group: Men's Shed, Blarney. Student: 2015_Jacqueline_Daly_Bütz. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisor: Lydia Sapouna.

Report 43. Life After Care: Transitional Pathways, Reconstruction of Life Post Care and Outcomes
for Former Carers (2015). Community/Voluntary Group: Carers Association. Student: 2015_Trisha_Barrett. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr Kenneth Burns.

Report 44. “Me Da’s in Jail”: Does the Irish Criminal Justice System Punish the Children of Fathers in Prison?. Community/Voluntary Group: 
St. Nicholas Trust. Student: 2015_Cathy_Brennan. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisor: Pat Leahy.

Completed Projects 2014

Report 26. An Examination of the Age Qualifying Criteria of the Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme and Its Potential Implications for Access to the Free Pre-School Year and School Starting Age (2014). Community/Voluntary Group: Cork Early Years Network. Student: 2014_Mary_Reid‌. Course: BA in Early Childhood Studies. Supervisor: Deirdre Horgan.

Report 27. The 4th Corner Youth Café - An exploration of Staff and Volunteers’ construction of their practice (2014). Community/Voluntary Group: Limerick Youth Service. Student: 2014 Damien McMahon‌.  Course: Masters of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr Eleanor Bantry-White.

Report 28. The 4th Corner Youth Café – An exploration of young people’s experiences of participating in an open access Youth Café (2014)
. Community/Voluntary Group: 4th Corner Youth Cafe: Limerick Youth Service. Student: 2014_MichelleFoley‌. Course: Masters of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr Eleanor Bantry White.

Report 29. An Exploration of the Views of Adults with Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism in Relation to Independent Living (2014
. Community/Voluntary Group: Cork Association for Autism. Student: 2014_GillianCoogan‌. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisors: Mary Mc Govern/Lydia Sapouna.

Report 30. Exploring the accessibility of leisure facilities in Munster for people with physical disabilities (2014)
. Community/Voluntary Group: Cork Sports Partnership. Student: 2014_BridHannon‌. Course: BSc in Occupational Therapy. Supervisor: Dr Helen Lynch.

Report 31. An Evaluation of the Child Contact Service at the Togher Family Centre; The Voices of the Parents and Experience of Social Workers (2014)
. Community/Voluntary Group: Togher Family Centre. Student: 2014_KarinaKennedy‌. Course: Masters of Social Work. Supervisor: Mary Hurley.

Report 32. The journey of recovery from addiction: A report evaluating the service provided via the secondary treatment programs of Tabor Lodge Addiction and Housing Services Limited (2014). Community/Voluntary Group: Tabor Lodge Addiction and Housing Services Limited. Student: ‌2014_CarmelOBrien. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisor: Pat Leahy.

Report 33. An Exploration of Foster Carers’ Experiences of Access between Children in Long-term Care and their Birth Parents (2014). Community/Voluntary Group: Irish Foster Care Association (Waterford Branch). Student: 2014_TreasaTansley‌. Course: Masters of Social Work. Supervisor: Fiona O’Gorman.

Report 34. A review of the intervention strategies and approaches used with young offenders: Southill Outreach a case study (2014)
. Community/Voluntary Group: Southill Outreach. Student: 2014_MaeveTuohy‌. Course: Masters of Social Work. Supervisor: Eilish Forrest.

Report 35. Child Protection Social Workers’ (CPSW) Experiences of the Bessborough Parent and Baby Unit (BPBU): The interface between infant mental health and child protection (2014). 
Community/Voluntary Group: Bessborough Parent and Baby Unit. Student: 2014 Kevin Veale. Course: Masters of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr Fiachra O'Suilleabhain and Dr Kenneth Burns.

Report 36. Sexual Education for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Critical Review of Policy and Practice in Four Service Providers in County Cork (2014
. Community/Voluntary Group: Down Syndrome Cork. Student: 2014_LouiseOSullivan. Course: Masters in Social Policy. Supervisor: Dr Máire Leane.

Report 37. Exploring the Role of the Traveller Family in Supporting Travellers Experiencing Addiction (2014). 
Community/Voluntary Group: Traveller Visibility Group. Student: 2014_EdwardMurphy. Course: Masters in Public Health. Supervisor: Mary Cronin.

Completed Projects 2013

Report 17. Exploring the Needs for Social Inclusion in rural Ireland: Ballinora. A Case Study (2013). Community/Voluntary Group: Ballinora Community Group. Student: 2013 Martin Dorgan Course: Master of Social Science (Social Policy). Supervisor: Dr Eluska Fernandez.

Report 18. Online Cancer Support: A Pilot Study to Implement and Evaluate A Support Blog at ARC Cancer Support House (Cork)
Community/Voluntary GroupARC Cancer Support House (Cork). Student: 2013_Robert O'Connor. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Burns.

Report 19. An Exploration of Sibling Contact for Children in Foster Care
Community/Voluntary GroupIrish Foster Care Association (Waterford). Student: 2013 Amanda Cooper. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr Kenneth Burns.

Report 20. Rebuilding Family Life: An Exploration of Female Refugees’ Experiences of Family Reunification and Integration in Ireland
Community/Voluntary GroupNasc, the Irish Immigrant Support Centre. Student: 2013 Susan Mackey. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr Eleanor Bantry White.

Report 21. Age-Friendly Bandon:  The Impact of Transport on Social Participation in Bandon and the Surrounding Area
 (2013). Community/Voluntary GroupNetwork of Social Groups (Bandon). Student: 2013 Yvonne Gaule. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr Simone McCaughren.

Reports 21 and 22. An Exploration of the Experience of Post-Natal Depression Support Services in Cork
Community/Voluntary GroupPost Natal Depression Ireland. Students: 2013 Deirdre Murphy and Helen Skinner. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisor: Ms Lydia Sapouna.

Report 23. "If You Use Speed and Then Downers, Would You be Back to Normal? An Analysis of the Perspectives of Young People Regarding Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco: A Togher Link Up Case Study
Community/Voluntary GroupTogher Link Up. Student: 2013 Louise O'Dwyer. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisor: Mr Pat Leahy. 

Report 24. A Qualitative and Quantitative Study Investigating Staff Attitudes to Special Educational Needs Pupils attending Second Level Education in Ireland (2013).
Community/Voluntary GroupNational Parents and Siblings Alliance. Student: 2013_MoiraOSullivan. Course: Masters of Social Science (Social Policy). Supervisor: Dr Eluska Fernandez.

Report 25. An Evaluation of Homeless Women’s Experiences of Mental Health Services in Cork - A Feminist Perspective (2013)
. Community/Voluntary GroupGood Shepherd Aftercare Services. Student: 2013_TrishConnolly. Course: MA Women’s Studies. Supervisor: Lydia Sapouna.

Completed Projects 2012

Report 5. Age-Friendly Bandon? An Assessment of Bandon's Outdoor Spaces and Buildings Using the World Health Organisation Guidelines on Age-Friendly Cities (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: Network of Social Groups (Bandon). Student: 2012 Carol Byrnes. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Burns.

Report 6. The Impact of Fostering on Natural Children and their Involvement in the Fostering Process: Invisible, Vulnerable or Valued? Community/Voluntary Group: Irish Foster Care Association (Waterford). Student: 2012 Claire Duffy. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Ms. Eilish Forrest.

Report 7. An exploration of Long-term Retention of Volunteers in Foróige, a National Youth Work Organisation (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: Foroige.  Student: 2012 Dawn O'Higgins . Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisors: Dr. Carmel Halton and Dr. Fiachra Ó Súilleabháin.

Report 8. More Than a Meal: A Qualitative Study of the Needs of Diners in Cork Penny Dinners (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: Cork Penny Dinners.  Student: 2012 Denis Magee. Course: Bachelor of Social Work. Supervisor: Professor Fred Powell.

Report 9. An Exploration of the Views of Young Adults aged 18+ on the YMCA ‘Ground Floor Open Youth Space’ (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: YMCA.  Student: 2012 Gill O'Shea. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Burns

Report 10. An Evaluation of ‘Street work’ as a Model of Detached Youth Work in Community Based Probation Practice: Challenges & Opportunities (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: SouthHill Outreach Limerick.  Student: 2012 Karen McInerney. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Ms. Caroline Shore.

Report 11. Postnatal Depression: Prevalence, Peer Social Support and Policy (Ireland and International Literature Review) (2012). Community/Voluntary Group:Post-Natal Depression Ireland.  Student: 2012 Teresa Cronin. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Burns.

Report 12. An Exploration of the Impact of Foster Placement Breakdown on Foster Carers (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: Irish Foster Care Association (Waterford Branch).  Student: 2012 Eimear Roche . Course: Master of Social Work Year Two. Supervisors: Dr. Carmel Halton and Dr. Fiachra Ó Súilleabháin.

Report 13. The Needs of Older People in Contemporary Ireland: A Case Study of Killavullen (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: Killavulen Housing Association.  Student: 2012 Mary Kenneally . Course: Bachelor of Social Work Year Two. Supervisor: Professor Fred Powell.

Report 14. Is a house enough? Service Users’ Perspectives on the Reasons for Repeat Admissions to a Female Homeless Service (Edel House) (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: Edel House (Good Shepherd Services).  Student: 2012 Elaine Doyle . Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Ms. Caroline Shore.

Report 15. An Exploration of the Supports Needed for Students with Asperger’s Syndrome to Successfully Complete Third Level Education (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: National Learning Network. Student: 2012 Sinead Slattery. Course: MSocSc in Third Sector Management. Supervisor: Ms. Mairie Cregan.

Report 16. An Examination of the Societal and Individual Effects of Early School Leaving in the Irish Context, Focusing on Sundays Well Life Centre as an Example of Alternative Education (2012). Community/Voluntary Group: The Life Centre. Student: 2012 Órlaith Healy 

Completed Projects 2011

Report 4. Respite care services for families caring for a person with an intellectual disability: Decision making, experience and models of respite(2011). Community/Voluntary Group: Home Share/Brothers of Charity. Students: 2011 Monica Coll and Siobhan Scully . Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisors: Ms. Mary Hurley and Dr. Kenneth Burns.

Report 3. Service user perspectives on the CONNECT older adult home visitation project (2011). Community/Voluntary Group: Maine Valley Family Centre, Tralee. Student: 2011 Michael Quirke . Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Ms. Rachel Rice.

Report 2. An evaluation of St. Micheals House contract family short break scheme(2011). Community/Voluntary Group: St. Michael's House, Dublin. Student: 2011 Mary Ryan . Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr. Simone McCaughren.

Report 1. Community Health Volunteers' Perspectives of a Primary Health Care Project in Kolkota India (2010).  Community/Voluntary Group: Hope Foundation, Ireland/India. Student: Lindsey Wolford. Course: Master of Social Work. Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Burns. (no report available for download).


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