Events and Seminars

Events and Seminars

  • 2018 Event: Higher Education Community Based Learning - Together, SECAD and UCC attended a consultation session or ‘think-in’ with Campus Engage and Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) in Dublin. The event focussed on approaches to CSO partnerships in community-based teaching and learning, especially listening to the needs of CSOs.  Partnerships in community engaged teaching and research
  • 2018 Workshop: Higher Education Community Based Learning - Professor Corey Dolgon
    UCC  Civic and Community Engagement Committee workshops on the basics of designing a Community Based Learning (CBL) course and 
    the democratic and social justice underpinningsof Community Based Learning.  Workshop Programme
  • 2017 Workshop: Advancing Civic and Community Engagement in UCC and the Irish Higher Education Sector - Dr Elaine Ward Carnegie Foundation talk and feedback on the UCC self-assessment of its civic and community engagement activities conducted in 2016. The session for Dr. Ward from Carnegie, highlighted ways UCC can further advance civic and community engagement, as well as across the higher education sector nationally. Dr. Ward discussed her recent co-edited book ‘Publicly Engaged Scholars. Workshop Programme

  • 2017 CARL Workshop on the Photo-voice participatory research method - Christopher M. Seitz, PhD and Fulbright Scholar This workshop focussed on enabling individuals and communities to enact positive social change using the photovoice participatory research method. Workshop Programme           Photovoice workshop presentation

  • 2014 Workshop on Autism and Young People: Researching with the Community Coordinated and ran a workshop to support community engagement in a developing European research proposal. 

  • 2014 Workshop at National Symposium "Conversations for Change - Campus-Communuty Partnerships"
    Coordinated a workshop as part of a national programme for mentoring Higher Education staff in relation to Community-based research.
  • 2013 July 8th Presentation to External Advisory Board of UCC's College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
    Invited presentation on CARL Initiative and deliberation on how to support and embed the CARL initiative as part of the implementation of the CACSSS strategic plan 2013-2017 (pg 12).
  • 2013 May 10th Lunchtime seminar by Paul Manners, Director of the NCCPE, UK 
    Lunchtime seminar on “The Public Engagement remit of HEIs” by invited speaker Paul Manners, Director of NCCPE, UK.
  • 2013 April 16th Presentation at Community Knowledge Initiative workshop in NUI, Galway
    Invited lecture on “Community-engaged research: sharing the learning from CARL at UCC” by Kenneth Burns, CARL, UCC.
  • 2013 March 13th Presentation at EU Social Work Research Conference, Jyväskyä, Finland 
    Invited presentation on “Community-based research and social work students: Promoting students’ civic engagement and collaborative knowledge production” by Kenneth Burns, Helene Hanssen, Andrea Vargiu, and Elisabeth Willumsen.
  • 2012 December 14th Presentation at “Actioning Engagement” Seminar in DCU, Dublin
    Invited presentation on “Community-Engaged Research and Community Partnerships” by Kenneth Burns, Catherine O’Mahony and Anna Kingston, CARL, UCC.
  • 2012 December 5th Workshop at 3rd NCCPE National Conference “Engage 2012” in Bristol, UK
    Invited workshop on “Public engagement through the curriculum: Science Shops” by Emma McKenna and Eileen Martin, Science Shop, Queen’s University, Belfast, Anna Kingston, CARL, UCC, and Madge Fogarty, Postnatal Depression Ireland.
  • 2012 June 19th Workshop at “Conceptualising and Measuring Poverty” Summer School in UCC
    Invited workshop on “Supporting the research needs of Civil Society Organisations: Concepts and application of community-based participatory research” by Kenneth Burns and Catherine O’Mahony, CARL, UCC. See 
  • 2012 May 30th Presentation to representatives from Community Outreach Partnership Center, University of Pittsburg, USA
    Invited presentation on CARL’s activities by committee chair, Eluska Fernandez, at a Community Development meeting in Cork City Hall. The meeting included representatives from the Community Outreach Partnership Center at the University of Pittsburg, USA and the director of the Community Partner Institute in Pittsburg (see
  • 2012 May 11th Workshop at Living Knowledge conference, Bonn
    Contributed to development of workshop on “Leveraging policy to promote community based research in Higher Education Institutions - a workshop on what should work and could work for you” and 5th Living Knowledge Conference on Re-imaging Research Relationships. This workshop summarised activities and findings resulting from the PERARES project.
  • 2012 March 28th Lunchtime seminar by Béatrice Korc and Melodié Faury, University of Lyon
    Lunchtime seminar on “Postgraduate professional development: creating active and engaged citizens“, by invited speakers Béatrice Korc and Melodié Faury, University of Lyon and PERARES project.
  • 2011 November 17th Lunchtime presentation in UCC
    Invited presentation on “Science Shops and Service Learning in UCC building community-based research and community-based learning into the curriculum” by Catherine O’Mahony, CARL, UCC as part of Teaching and Learning seminar series in UCC.
  • 2011 September 22nd Presentation to attendees of "Environmental Citizenship, Ecological Politics and Global Justice" workshop in UCC
    Invited presentation on “Science Shops: civic engagement, citizenship and environmental research” by Catherine O’Mahony.
  • 2011 June 9th Presentation at “Engaging Minds Conference: Active Learning, Participation and Collaboration in Higher Education”, NUI Galway
    Invited presentation on “Community based research to enhance student learning” at NAIRTL annual conference by Siobhan Scully, MSW student, Kenneth Burns and Catherine O’Mahony, CARL, UCC.
  • 2011 April 4th Poster at Science Shop launch in Quebec, Canada
    Displayed poster at launch of Science Shop in Education, Ethics and Health in Québec. Poster was titled “Science Shop Structures: UCC Science Shop research process” and was created by Catherine O’Mahony and Kenneth Burns, CARL, UCC. 
  • 2009 September 30th Poster at Bologna Symposium in University College Cork, Cork
    Displayed poster at NAIRTL Bologna Symposium on Integrating Generic Competences into the Curriculum. Poster was titled “It takes a community to create a graduate: Science Shops & graduate competence development” and was created by Catherine O’Mahony and Peter Herrmann, CARL UCC. 
  • 2008 International Science Shop conference at UCC
    Hosted International conference which brought experts in the Science Shop field together with academics and community group leaders to elaborate upon plans for a Science Shop in UCC. (See keynote presentations below)

      - "Case Study: Science Shop Wales" by Steve Harris, CASE (Centre for Astronomy and Science Education) Science Shop, University of Glamorgan, Wales.
      - "Case Study: Science Shop in Queens University, Belfast" by Eileen Martin and Emma McKenna, Queens' University, Belfast, Science Shop.
      - "Science shops and student research: Dutch experiences" by Dr Henk Mulder, Chemistry Science Shop, Groningen University, the Netherlands.
      - "Voluntary Sector Perspectives on Science Shops in operation" by Gordon McCullough, N.I. Council for Voluntary Action.

Articles and Publications

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