The role of the supervisor

The supervision of a student undertaking a CARL project is conducted as per the usual supervision of a project, but there are some elements or steps in the process that supervisors will need to take into account:

  • The supervisor will provide a letter of recommendation for the applying student
  • The supervisor will co-develop the project proposal at the three-way meeting with the community partner and the student
  • The supervisor will help in the development of the summary overview for the community group

Some of the advantages of supervising a student undertaking a CARL project include:

  • The students are high quality students (there is a selection criteria that only students with a minimum mark of 60% will be offered the opportunity to undertake a CARL project)
  • Students undertaking projects for community groups and voluntary organizations tend to show higher levels of motivation and commitment
  • Students who aspire towards participatory projects and become co-creators of knowledge with community partners are more likely to have an impact on policy agendas and can contribute to and promote social change

Please see the FAQ section for any other queries such as the difference between CARL projects and an ordinary dissertation, ethical restrictions concerning CARL projects etc.

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