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Virtual Forest Bathing

 virtual forest bathing event notice

Virtual Forest Bathing, Guided Meditation

Wednesday 13 October, 1.00pm-2.00pm

Virtual Forest bathing is all about reconnecting with nature, and practicing mindfulness while you take in your surroundings. Our Green Campus is the perfect place to reconnect with nature.

As a 'green prescription' Forest Bathing (no swimsuit required!) can enhance mental health and well being. We welcome public, staff or students to join us for a guided meditation and controlled breathing amongst the sights and sounds of our Green Campus.

Proven health benefits of Virtal Forest Bathing include reducing stress, improving your mood and helping you to feel refreshed and relaxed. 

Together with and for Community

DT-Lab: The DT-Lab focusses on digital innovation, entrepreneurship and technology in various enterprises both within the private and public sector.  DT-Lab aims to provide leadership in digital strategy, innovation and execution.

UCC Community Week: This event is part of UCC Community Week 2021. During Community Week, staff and students across the university come together with community and public sector partners to host community focussed events and activities. The week long programme of events celebrates UCC as a civically engaged university.

Civic & Community Engagement

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