IUCD Insertion service now at Student Health

29 Aug 2017

We are delighted to announce from August 2017 anyone wishing to have an Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) inserted can now avail of this service in the Student Health Department in UCC. Please speak to one of our Doctors or Nurses if you wish to explore this option.

The full range of contraceptive options is available in Student Health UCC now that the IUCD insertion service has been introduced. The new IUCD "Coil" is significantly smaller than previous versions. This means that it can be inserted through the neck of the womb in most women, whether or not your have ever given birth  vaginally. Women can now choose from a range of options including oral contraception ("The Pill"), Patch, Nuvaring, Depot-Injection and Subcutaneous Implant ("The Bar") as well as the IUCD. A reminder that for those who are sexually active, regular consistent use of barrier methods, such as condom or dental dam use, is needed to reduce the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted infections 

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