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Read what UCC Student Health Does and Does Not Do in our Statement of Service 

At the Student Health Department we do our best to serve the healthcare needs that support the educational journey of students in University College Cork.

We are deeply committed to delivering a quality experience in a highly professional manner. We hope that you are happy with the service you experience from us. If you do feel our standards fall below that which you were expecting, we would welcome your feedback. You may provide feedback in person to our team verbally, or in writing at any time. If you feel you that wish to make a complaint about our service, please be assured that we will do our utmost to consider your comments and address your concerns.

The procedure involved in making a complaint about our service is outlined in the Student Health Complaints Policy

We would also be delighted to hear from you when you think we have served you well!

Most concerns can be addressed by discussing the issue with the team member involved, or with the Head of the Student Health Department. If you have discussed the issues directly and feel that the matter has not been addressed or resolved, to your satisfaction you can submit a complaint in writing using the Student Health Dept. Complaints Form

Services Available from Student Health

The Student Health Department seeks to provide services that target illnesses and problems that occur in the University Student population. It does not seek to, and is not resourced to provide a GP service but we provide a range of services that may not be as easily accessible in the community.

We do provide the following services:

  • Primary care of acute and chronic illnesses that present in the community including diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental illness.
  • Contraception service including insertion of Long Acting implants and IUCDs "Coils"
  • Women’s Health, Cervical smear screening services.
  • Screening and immunisation against infectious diseases.
  • Student Mental Health Service
  • Sexual Transmitted Infection screening
  • Sexual Transmitted Infection diagnosis and treatment 
  • Travel Advice and Vaccinations.
  • Health Promotion Programmes.
  • Hospital referral service.
  • Injury assesment, treatment and referral service
  • Physiotherapy and Concussion Service. See separate section.

Services Not Available from Student Health

We are not a General Practice service, and we do not have the capacity or the competency to undertake this role for you. We are not an occupational health service either, so we cannot perform examinations or fitness assessments for non-course or non-UCC student activities. We are unable to provide care for students who are outside the Republic of Ireland.

Examples of services which we generally do not  provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-employment medical certification or health-screening services for employment in positions other than UCC Student Placement positions
  • Certification or reports where the requestor/accompanying documentation identifies an indivudal's GP as the professional to complete the certificate/document
  • Medicolegal or insurance claim medicals, reports or opinions, unless we have been involved in providing care during or following the incident(s)/accident(s)
  • Medical opinion as to Fitness for leisure or physical activity, other than UCC student activities, unless we have been involved in referring you to such an activity
  • Care for students when they are overseas or outside the Republic of Ireland.
  • Treatments that are not licenced in the Republic of Ireland
  • Treatments that require supervision of and shared cared with a Consultant or Specialist Doctor - where there is no such Doctor available to share care

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