A comprehensive statement of what UCC Student Health Does and Does Not do is available here: Statement of Service (186kB)

At the Student Health Department we endeavour to do our best to serve the healthcare needs of the students of University College Cork. We are deeply committed to trying to deliver a quality experience in a highly professional manner. We hope that our students value our service and do not have cause for disappointment about the level of service we offer. If you do feel our standards fall below that which is acceptable we would welcome your feedback. You may provide feedback, positive or negative, in person to our team verbally, or in writing at any time. If you feel you that wish to make a complaint about our service, please be assured that we will do our utmost to consider your comments and address your concerns.

The procedure involved in making a complaint about our service is outlined in the Student Health Complaints Policy (151kB)

Most concerns can be addressed by discussing the issues with the individuals involved or with the Head of the Student Health Department. If you have discussed the issues informally and directly with these individuals and are still not satisfied that the matter has been resolved, you can submit a complaint in writing using the Student Health Dept. Complaints Form (86kB)


The Student Health Department seeks to provide services that target illnesses and problems that occur in the University Student population. It does not seek to, and is not resourced to provide a full GP service but has a range of services that may not be as easily accessible in the community. We do provide the following services

  • Primary care of acute and chronic illnesses that present in the community
  • Contraception service including insertion of Long Acting implants
  • Women’s Health, Cervical smear services.
  • Screening and immunisation against infectious diseases.
  • Consultant Psychiatrist Service.
  • Sexual Transmitted Infection diagnosis and treatment service
  • Travel Advice and Vaccinations.
  • Health Promotion Programmes.
  • Hospital referral service.
  • Ante Natal Care.
  • Accident and Emergency.
  • Physiotherapy Service. See separate section.
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