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2019 College of SEFS Student Nominated Teaching Demonstrator Award

4 Jul 2019

Huge congratulations to physics postgrad student Stephen Murphy who received the '2019 College of SEFS Student Nominated Teaching Demonstrator Award'!




Some quotes student gave about him include:

"I simply could not fault the work done by Stephen as a lecturer on this module. I attended his tutorial sessions weekly and found them to be extremely helpful. In fact, I found them more helpful than our regular lectures. Stephen explained concepts clearly and concisely, making very good use of the mere hour per week he had with us. His tutorials were attended by the majority of students in the module, filling the large lecture rooms in the Kane building each week, far more than can be said of tutorials in most modules. From this, it is clear I am not alone in opinion of him. Overall, Stephen was approachable, helpful, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. Most importantly, Stephen seemed to care greatly that every student left his sessions with a greater understanding of the course material than they possessed when they arrived. He would look for feedback from the class, repeating explanations if necessary and staying around afterwards to answer questions and address topics with struggling students on a one to one basis. From my experience, Stephen Murphy was truly outstanding in his role and his dedication should be recognised."

"His relaxed nature in class and his attention to detail is what sets him apart from any other demonstrator. He is well organised in class and manages 75-100 students very well. The students grew fond of him as time went on, and his dedication shone through. I feel that he is suited for this award"

School of Physics

Scoil na Fisice

Room 213 (Physics Office), 2nd floor, Kane Science Building, University College Cork, Ireland.,