Unconscious Bias for Recruitment & Selection Committee Members

Participant Group: Staff appointed to a Selection Committee only

Facilitator: Irish Centre for Diversity


In conjunction with Recruitment & Selection Committee Training, a two hour online session on Unconscious Bias is being provided to staff on selection committees. Delivered by the Irish Centre for Diversity it will examine the effects unconscious bias has on our thinking and decision-making in relation to others whom we see in either a positive or negative way.

Learning objectives

  • What is unconscious bias? What biases do you have?
  • How to recognise the impact of unconscious bias
  • Are you making the right choices? What is the impact of unconscious bias in your decision making?
  • Explore Unconscious Bias in Recruitment & Selection and within the culture of UCC, and the considerations that we need to consider to ensure inclusive unbiased practices
  • Tips for making a conscious effort to identify them and reflect on whether they may inappropriately be impacting the impartiality of our decision-making
  • Tips for managing unconscious bias so that you can make better decisions and improve the diversity credentials of the workplace
  • Unconscious bias needs to be addressed so that we are making the right choices in relation to hiring & promoting


Date: Thursday 20th April

Time: 14.30 - 16.30

Location: Zoom

Open for booking Via ESS


Date: Thursday 25th May

Time: 14.30 - 16.30

Location: Zoom

Open for booking Via ESS

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