Associate Professor of Physiology

Associate Professor of Physiology

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Associate Professor of Physiology

College of Medicine and Health

The Department of Physiology is a dynamic and expanding Department with a strongly developing research base in Cell and Integrative Physiology.Teaching is delivered to undergraduate programmes within the College of Medicine & Health to the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Clinical Therapies and Nursing & Midwifery and to the Physiology BSc programme in the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science.There is an increasing core of post-graduate research PhD students who are supervised by academic staff, together withpost-doctoral fellows, and form a research base within the Department.

The research focus of the Department of Physiology falls into two broad streams which reside within the research theme of Cell Signalling and Cardiovascular Health of the Biosciences Institute and that of Vascular Health, Diabetes and Stem Cell Biology of the College of Medicine and Health.

Research projects currently ongoing are investigating the functioning of nerve, muscle and epithelial cells, at molecular, cellular, organ and whole animal levels.They are focussed on: manipulation of the genome using viral mechanisms; the role of calcium and kinase signalling pathways; the control of ion channels in sensory nerves and pain; intracellular shuttling of ion transporters in epithelial cells and the deficiencies in hypertension; in vivo studies into the neural control of the kidney; the significance of the endothelium in the vascular system and heart in relation to atherosclerosis.

All these areas of research impact, to a greater or lesser degree, on the cardiovascular system and its regulation and may contribute to understanding the progression of a range of cardiac, vascular and metabolic diseases.They will form the basis of novel developments in translational research.

The University invites applications for this full time permanent post.Applicants should have a PhD or equivalent qualification.The successful candidate must have a strong track record of funding and publications in the area of Metabolic Physiology and have an international reputation recognized as invitations to act as consultant for grant awarding bodies and as an Editorial Board member of international journals.A commitment to teaching and training at undergraduate and post-graduate levels in the area of systems Physiology with an emphasis on metabolic regulation is necessary. The appointee will have a record of developing interactions and collaborations with Industry, Clinical Research Units and seeking funding from grant awarding bodies.H/she should be able to take a leadership role in the research development at an integrated and translational level within the Department, School of Medicine and the College of Medicine and Health.

Informal enquiries may be made to Professor Edward Johns. Email:

Salary scale [new entrants]:€99,287 – €116,607

Closing date:  Friday, 21 September 2007

Completed application forms must be returned to:

Department of Human Resources, University College Cork, Ireland.

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