Obama Approves $400bn 5-Year Infrastructure Programme

11 Dec 2015
US President Barack Obama (image: Center for American Progress Action Fund, via Wikimedia Commons)

US President Barack Obama and the US Congress have approved a monumental 5-year infrastructural investment programme to transform the USA's ageing highways, bridges and mass transit systems.

Upwards of $400bn will be spent over 5 years to improve transportation in the US by upgrading urban mass transit systems, the long distance Amtrak rail network, construct new highways and enhance vehicle safety programmes. The bill was supported by both major parties in the US Congress, and represents a major breakthrough for infrastructure investment in the US, and will lead to hundreds of thousands of jobs in the American Civil Engineering sector in the coming years. Meanwhile, US recruiters continue to report shortages of graduate Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineers, as reported in third-level education site Education News.

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

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