€200m Investment in Cork Water and Wastewater Networks over Three Years

11 Sep 2015

Irish Water has announced that it will invest a total of €200m in the wastewater and water supply infrastructure for Cork city and county over the next three years.

The announcement was made at a meeting of Cork Chamber of Commerce and reported by the Irish Examinernewspaper. Michael McNicholas, Chief Executive of Irish Water's parent company Ervia said that "we’re going to rehabilitate the network, so that you’ve much more resilience in your clean water supply. We are also going to make sure that you’ve got redundancy, so that if there are issues with some plants, we’ll be able to continue to supply water and we’re going to make sure you have the ability to treat all of the waste water that’s in the city, which gives a massive capability for Cork to expand economically and gives a huge opportunity in terms of agri, in terms of pharma, and in terms of tourism."

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