Room Usage Guides

Room Layout

It is not permitted to remove furniture from lecture rooms or to move furniture from one room to another under any circumstances.  Lecture Rooms containing loose furniture should be laid out in lecture style configuration for use by the next group before vacating the room.  Furniture, stands, displays or other equipment may not be positioned in front of exit doors or in escape aisles.  If you encounter difficulty with furniture in a lecture room, please contact security staff immediately.

Food/Drink Consumption & Smoking

It is not permitted to consume food and/or drink in lecture rooms.  Smoking is prohibited internally in University Buildings.

Audio Visual Equipment

If you require additional audio visual equipment in a room, contact Audio Visual Media Services at Ext. 2596 or e-mail

If audio visual equipment fails to work in a lecture room, inform the nearest Security Desk.  They in turn will contact Audio Visual Media Services to ensure that the equipment is fixed as soon as possible.  Alternatively contact AVMS directly at Ext. 2596 or email  to report the fault.  It is not permitted to move audio visual equipment from University rooms.

Use of audio visual equipment of any type, whether set up by the lecturer or relocated by the lecturer for any reason during the course of a lecture, must not result in trailing leads/trip hazards arising across aisles, gangways, room entrances or fire exits or across access/egress routes thereto.

Capacities of Central Teaching and Meeting Rooms

Each lecture room has a maximum capacity.  This is the maximum number of people that should be in the room at any given time.  It is not permitted to exceed this capacity.  If student numbers exceed the capacity of the room, contact the Departmental Timetabler in your relevant School/Department.  The Departmental Timetabler will then contact the Room Bookings Office to attempt to rectify the situation.

As the employers representative the lecturer must immediately deal with any overcrowding that arises at any given time,  during the course of a lecture, whether foreseeable or not. If a situation develops for any reason where there is more people present in the room that the seated capacity or if exits or aisles become compromised by persons standing, or should bags, equipment, cloaks or other loose items intrude upon escape routes, aisles or gangways, then the lecture should not continue or indeed should be deferred/delayed until this is satisfactorily resolved.

Start and End Times of Lectures

It is the responsibility of the Lecturer to take note of the start and end time of the lecture, and to make sure the room is vacated on or before the end time.  Should you experience difficulties with another group using a lecture room when the room is booked for your lecture, firstly check the room timetable which is located outside the lecture room.  If you experience further difficulties, make this known to Security at the closest Security point.  Security staff will attempt to resolve the situation immediately.  When your lecture is over contact the Room Bookings Office, who will contact the relevant Department to ensure this won’t happen again.

Cancellation of Lecture/Tutorial

In the event that you have to cancel a lecture/tutorial, whether it is for a once-off date or for a series of lectures/tutorials, it is imperative that you inform the Departmental Timetabler in your School/Department of this.  The Departmental Timetabler will then inform the Room Bookings Office of the cancellation.  Rooms that are cancelled can then be reallocated.

Safety Procedures and Fire/Emergency Assembly Points

The following should be pointed out to students at the beginning of the first lecture in a series of lectures (For example: First week of Semester 1 or first week of Semester 2):-

There is a Fire Action notice affixed to the wall adjacent to the lectern of every central teaching room.  This notice outlines the procedure to be followed if the fire alarm operates.  It is the responsibility of the lecturer/tutor to draw the attention of the group to the notice.  Please find a copy of this notice attached.  This should be read to the group, pointing out the Assembly Area for the particular building you are lecturing in.  A copy of the Assembly points for all buildings that house centrally booked rooms is also attached or can be found on the Room Bookings Website at

It is the lecturer’s responsibility to lead by example and promptly react to any fire alarm and commence the evacuation of the room; this includes requiring students to co-operate positively. 

The lecturer must consider in advance of the lecture if any demonstrations would have the potential to cause the building smoke detection system to activate. In such situations they must discuss same with Declan O’Shea Fire Consultant at email or and General Services Duty Officer at Ext. 2722/2266 well in advance to ascertain if the demonstration can proceed within the room without modification or if other ameliorations/modifications or alternatives are necessary. Also contact:- Room Bookings Office at Ext. 3400/3634; and Buildings & Estates at email or Ext. 2480.

In case of Emergency

Contact General Services Security at Ext. 3111 or Tyndall Security at Ext. 1502 or Brookfield Security at Ext. 1506

If you experience issues related to building maintenance, repair issues, electrical, gas/water supply issues or detection faults, contact Buildings & Estates at email or Ext. 2480.

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