General Services FAQ's

Who should I contact if.......

  • When I visit College, is there a place that I can leave luggage?

Luggage must be kept with you at all times or left in your vehicle. It is not permitted to drop luggage or leave items for collection by another person.

  • To whom and how do I report stolen property?

Stolen property may be reported by completing a Theft Report Form, which is available in the Reception Centre or by contacting the general services staff, call in to their office located next to the staff restaurant/across from civil engineering building and crawford observatory, or telephone general services on 490 2265, Sonya Kiely/Maeve lewis

  • To whom do I report Lost Property?

Lost property may be reported in person or by telephone to the General Office, General Services at Ext. 2265

  • Who Should I contact for help moving furniture etc. when moving office?

Contact Sonya Kiely/Maeve Lewis, General Services Office at Ext. 2265.

  • What do I need to do for a Courier to deliver to me in UCC?

It must be delivered direct to your place of work, therefore, please ensure that it is properly addressed Viz.

    • Name
    • Title
    • Room No.
    • Floor,
    • Department
    • Building

You must also ensure that you personally make arrangements for accepting/signing for same within your own area. Items cannot be accepted or signed for by the Reception Centre staff.

  • What do I need to do to facilitate a large delivery of items on pallets?

Inform the Services Duty Officer in the relevant area in advance to ensure that staffing arrangements can be made to deal with the delivery. Ensure that arrangements are made with the Company to take away pallets when the delivery is completed.

  • We are getting new equipment/furniture in our dept - how do I dispose of existing items?

Contact Padraig Lynch to arrange for the disposal of existing items. Under no circumstances should such items awaiting disposal be left on a corridor or under a stairwell as this is in breach of Health and Safety.

  •  What are the opening hours of the Post Room?

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 13:00 hrs and 14:00 – 15:30 hrs.

  • What is the latest time a letter can be brought to the Post Room to facilitate urgent delivery by courier?

14:30 hrs. to ensure it is sent on the same day.

EMS is the Courier used by the Post Room and packages must have the following information, otherwise, they cannot be accepted by EMS:

•  contents

•  value

•  contact no. of the receiver

  •  I have a large mail shot to be posted, what should I do?

Notify the Post Room Staff at least 2 weeks in advance or earlier if date is known, to ensure they are processed as they are received. Letters need to be sorted as follows:

•  Ireland

•  UK

•  Europe

•  Rest of World

If the College Van is required to bring letters to the Post Room, it must be booked in advance through the General Services Office.

Bulk Internal mail must be sorted by Department.

  • What Parcel service does the Post Room provide?

Economy rate or Priority rate within Ireland, to the UK, USA and Canada. Parcels to all other areas to go by Priority Post.

  • Do courier parcels/packages delivered to UCC come through the Post Room?

No, they are delivered direct to the Addressee, therefore, it is essential that the full Name, Title, Room No., Floor, Name of Department, and Name of Building is on each item.

  • What is the latest time a letter may be brought to the Post Room to be sent by registered Post?

15:30 hrs. to ensure the registered post is sent on the same day

  •  How do I obtain a staff car park swipe key?

Key swipes that operate the barriers are issued to staff in line with the University's policy. Contact Sonya Kiely/Maeve Lewis at Ext. 2265 or e-mail

  • I have some waste chemicals/solvents to dispose of. Who do I contact?

Contact the Estates Administrator, Barrie Curley at or ext 2949.

UCC Policy Document on Waste Chemical Disposal

  • How do I get drawings of my area?

The Buildings & Estates draughtsperson is the custodian of the latest electronic drawings. He can be contacted at Ext. 2814 or by e-mailing 

Resource constraints mean that response to requests for drawings can not be processed immediately and typically will take 1 to 2 weeks depending on details of the request and office workload.

  • I want some shelves installed. Who do I contact?

Fitted furniture such as shelves, benches etc. can be ordered by submitting a completed BEM-01 form to the Buildings Office. Please note that the provision of fitted furniture is chargeable to the requesting department.

Loose furniture can be requested by submitting a completed furniture requisition form to the General Services Office (Ext. 2265). A minor budget for the replacement of furniture is available. All other requests will require a cost code.

  •  I want to get an office lab painted. How do I do this?

Painting and decorating can be ordered by submitting a completed BEM-01 form to the Buildings Office. The current level of funding available for building maintenance means that no funding is available for re-decoration. The cost will be charged to the requesting department.

  • How often are emergency Evacuation Drills carried out?

Emergency evacuation drills for each college building are carried out once per year. Contact Mr. John O'Callaghan to request further information (087-2362297 or e-mail

  •  How do I request Fire Safety Training for new staff?

Contact Mr. John O'Callaghan, College Fire Safety Consultant @ 087-2362297 or e-mail

  • I want to recycle office paper, how do I do this?

Office waste is divided into two categories viz. paper waste and all other waste. It is segregated at source with paper waste being placed in clear plastic bags and all other waste in black plastic bags. Contact the General Services office at ext. 2265 or e-mail

To view the list of recycling locations in UCC here.

  • How do I get a new phone/fax/data point installed?

Contact the Telecoms and Utilities Administrator at Ext. 2560 or e-mail with details. The Telecoms and Utilities Administrator will liaise with the Computer Centre as necessary.

  • Who do I contact for Chemical Waste Disposal?

Contact the Estates Administrator Barrie Curley at or ext 2949.

  • How do I request Alterations to my office etc.?

    At present, all requests for minor project work, should be made in writing and addressed to: The Buildings Officer. All requests will be acknowledged.

    • Complete form BEM-01 - a Non-Maintainenance Works Requistion Form (download below) and submit to the Buildings Office.
    • The request will be processed, works priced and returned with a request for a cost code and authorising signature.
    • It is hoped to introduce an electronic request mechanism in the future.

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