Getting Started

DMIS Mark Entry – Cheat Sheet # 1

The below image shows a high-level view of the DMIS Workflow that must be actioned for Marks to be successfully Uploaded to the ITS Student Records System:

DMIS Mark Entry – Cheat Sheet # 2

How to Request a DMIS User Account

If you require access to DMIS, please log a call on under ‘DMIS Access Request’.


Enter the Head of School/ School manager as Manager. They will then need to approve the request through the email sent to them by ‘UCC Services Portal’.


  • Please note that the Systems Administration Team will setup your DMIS Account ONLY.
  • A DMIS Department Admin user in your area will then need to assign the appropriate access to the Modules you require,

DMIS – Module Access Levels

There are 3 levels of access in DMIS.


Level 1 – Department Administrator: 

The Department Admin user has FULL Access to ALL Modules owned by the Department they work in.

Level 2 – Module Coordinator
The Module Coordinator has Access to SPECIFIC modules ONLY that they have been assigned as a Module Coordinator on.


Level 3 – Element Assessor:
The Element Assessor has Access to a SPECIFIC Element ONLY within a Module.
Example – A specific Exam Question.

Academic Systems Administration Office

2nd Floor, West Wing, Main Quadrangle, University College Cork (UCC), Western Road, Cork