Break code on a module

Break Code - Explanation

  •  Each Module Element that you have setup in your Module Structure will be either ANONYMOUS or NON- ANONYMOUS 
    • Anonymous Mark Entry will be by Exam Number.
      I.e. – You do not know who the student is.
    • Non-Anonymous Mark Entry will be by Student Id.
      I.e. – You know who the student is.
    • Breaking the Code allows the user to break the link between Student Id and Exam Number.
    • Breaking the Code generates the overall module mark for a student.

How to Break the Code on a Module

  1. From the Menu options at the top of the DMIS Screen, select the Menu entitled – Maintain – Break Code.
    •  The Break Code screen is presented as follows:
  2.  Enter the Academic Year, Exam Month and Module Code LIKE field values.
    • In the example below, all module beginning with ‘HI2’ will be returned for 2018 – Exam Month 5 (summer).
  3. Click the SHOW MODULES button.
    • Modules Returned:
  4. Select the Break Code Tick Box for the Module(s) that you want to break code on.
  5. Click the Save Button.
    • Once the Break Code Action is successful, a Save Completed Message will be presented as follows.
  6. Click on the OK button to complete the Break Code process.


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