ITS Jaspersoft Reports

Welcome to ITS Jaspersoft Reports

Description: Jaspersoft is a BI - Business Intelligence - Data Reporting Software System, which is connected to UCC's ITS Student Records System.


How does Jaspersoft work?

1: Jaspersoft is connected to the Oracle Database of UCC's ITS Student Records System.
2: Data Reports and Dashboards are constructed in Jaspersoft.
3: The Reports and Dashboards are published to the Jaspersoft User Interface for the UCC Offices.


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How to Access Jaspersoft Reports?

Step 1: Once your ITS Jaspersoft Account is setup, click on the Jaspersoft Login Link below:
Jaspersoft Login Page:

Step 2: A successful login will present you with the Jaspersoft Welcome Page.
Click on the LIBRARY option.

Step 3: All the Reports that a User has access to will be listed in the Library.
Double click on the Report Name to launch the Report.








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