Entering Placement Judgements

Setting Up a Placement Judgement Structure

  • Where a module is deemed to be Assessed by Placement, the Placement Result will be either:




    1. Select Maintain – Element / Module Structure Screen
    2.  Select the Element Type = ‘PF’ for Placement (Judgement Only).
    3. Enter the Mark = 0 and the Weight = 0.0000
    4. Click Validate Items Button
    5. Click Save.



Entering Placement Judgement Results

  1. Once the Module Structure is Validated and Saved Successfully, go to the Enter Student Marks – Enter Placement Judgement.
  2. Query the Year + Module Code + Exam Month.

    NB – Only modules that are setup for Placement Judgements will be presented on this screen.
    I.e. – If your module is not setup as a Placement, it will not be available for selection on this screen.

  3. The list of Students in the module is presented to you.
  4. Enter P or F for the Judgement Result.
  5. Press the Save button

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