Siderostatic Telescope

This novel telescope design - with an axis aligned to the earth's spin axis - was developed and improved, resulting in the solar telescope behemoths of today. The McMath-Pierce solar telescope, with a focal length of 82-m, at the US National Solar Observatory at Kitt Peak, Arizona, is a good example of this general design. You can find the latest solar images obtained by this telescope here.


siderostatic siderostatic sketchsiderostatic sketchsiderostatic


The Siderostatic
Telescope (with a
4" achromatic lens)
is situated in the
single storey west
wing, and primarily
designed to track
and observe the sun


  Sketch from Grubb's
Grubb also build an ingenius
5 prism spectrometer to be
fixed to the top of the telescope
   McMath-Pierce solar





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