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Carbon Arc Lamp

13 Dec 2023

Used as a White Light source for our optics demonstrations for many decades.

Registered in the Irish National Inventory of Historic Scientific Instruments by Charles Mollan with the following reference.


Manufactured by Newton & Co Scientific Instrument Makers to H. M. the King & co, 3 Fleet Street, London. Early 20th Century

Carbon Arc Lamp Old ExperimentDescription; Mahogany base; Russian iron housing; arc lamp; slit. Signed brass plate, screwed on with four knurled nuts, holds Mahogany and brass lens system mount; at the end of the base is a condensing biconvex lens in an oxidised brass mount with two right-angles which fits into a square hole, and has a sleeve to adjust its position;  a moving prism mount with a cut disc shield can also fit into a hole in the base; a signed adjustable brass slit with two knobs is fitted.



School of Physics

Scoil na Fisice

Room 213 (Physics Office), 2nd floor, Kane Science Building, University College Cork, Ireland.,