Another paper in the bag!

22 Aug 2022

Multi-colour optical light curves of the companion star to the millisecond pulsar PSR J2051-0827

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Kennedy, Physics Department, UCC and collaborators on the success of yet another accepted paper! 

Image Credit: Dr. John Paice, please do not re-use without permission. For more, see

Bloated or dense? This is a question that has surrounded the black widow pulsar PSR J2051-0827 since it was first discovered, and has gone unsolved for the last 21 years. We have finally answered this question using new data taken using the world's largest optical telescope, and find that the companion star in PSR J2051-0827 is close to filling it's Roche lobe, and that it's structure is likely similar to that of a hydrogen rich brown dwarf. 

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