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UCC Futures - Quantum & Photonics Town Hall

29 Mar 2023

We are pleased to announce a Town Hall information event for UCC Futures - Quantum & Photonics. The purpose of the meeting is to communicate the concept of the Quantum & Photonics theme, and together look for ways to connect to research and education across the whole University. 

The first quantum revolution of the 20th century charted the development of semiconductors, transistors, lasers and, from there, computers and the internet. The coming second quantum revolution will transform our lives as dramatically as these first- generation technologies and will solve key challenges of the future. 

UCC Futures - Quantum & Photonics, an innovative multidisciplinary team, is building on the powerful synergies of our globally renowned quantum and photonics research in the Schools of Physics, Engineering and the Tyndall National Institute. We are pushing the limits of the quantum and photonic technological frontier – a key element of this second quantum revolution.  

UCC Futures - Quantum & Photonics will drive a generational change across multiple sectors, including quantum computing, data transfer, quantum metrology, sensing, quantum matter, healthcare, environment, energy and communications, to deliver transformational progress, enhancing daily living while generating novel and disruptive solutions to some of the most important global issues of our time. 

It is clear that there is widespread interest in the topics of Quantum & Photonics, from the fundamental science to applications and broader implications, across almost every discipline at the University, but the working connections to different disciplines may not always be obvious. We hope this information event will help us build creative local collaborations, initiate enriching academic activities, and identify opportunities to build networks, as well as attract research funding, in these exciting areas.  

We welcome all suggestions and ideas that can make Quantum & Photonics an opportunity for everyone at UCC.    

This Town Hall event will start with an introduction and brief overview from some of our research leaders within the theme, followed by an informal breakout session, with tea and coffee, to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas. We will end with an opportunity for general Q&A.   

We warmly invite all colleagues with interests in this area from across the four Colleges to join us in this information-sharing event, on campus, on Thursday, March 30th from 2pm to 3.30pm, in the North Wing Council Room 

Please register your attendance here : UCC Futures Quantum & Photonics Town Hall  

Sent on behalf of the UCC Futures Quantum & Photonics Leadership Group.

School of Physics

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