Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Cork Cancer Research Centre

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Cork Cancer Research Centre

Bifidobacteria mediated cancer gene therapy

A position for a postdoctoral scientist is available at the Mercy University Hospital laboratory of the Cork Cancer Research Centre, Cork, Ireland. A novel strategy for targeted cancer gene therapy employs anaerobic bacteria to selectively localise to and proliferate in hypoxic tumours/metastases following systemic application. 'Beacom, Sinead'; 'Alison.O'Regan'; 'Ryno Van Rensburg' A collaboration between the gene therapy laboratory in the Cork Cancer Research Centre and the Bifidobacterial group of Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre is investigating Bifidobacterium breve trafficking to tumours and metastases, and the development of a strain/plasmid system for the secretion of therapeutic agents specifically in growing tumours.

Interested candidates should hold a Ph.D. and have experience in microbiology, molecular biology. Salary will be commensurate with experience. 

Informal enquiries, and letters of application (which should include applicant CV and details of two referees) should be sent to Dr. Mark Tangney (



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