Scrinium Journal

This first edition of the undergraduate research journal by the School of History at UCC is intended to inaugurate an annual publication which will provide a showcase for the best undergraduate history writing in the School of History. The School of History places a great deal of emphasis on developing the ability of our students to communication professionally to a range of audiences in different media.

These papers represent some ofthe best final year dissertations from recent years.

Please find below a listing of this issues articles


Sam Bowman - The Impact of Sanctions on South Africa's Apartheid Regime, 1985-1990 


Stanley Murphy - Interaction of Word and Image: Ireland and the Irish in Gerald de Barri's Topography of Ireland and the Map of Europe in MS 700


Abagail Rowe - Monks, Mosters and Misanthropes: Encounters on the Edge


Jacqueline Fitzgibbon - Afghanistan: Empire of Instability


D. G. Toms - A Study of Ulster Protestant Emigration to the United States and its Impact on American Folk Music


Ross Frenett - 'Protestant Socialists'? Ulster Loyalism and Working Class Politics, 1969-1974


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