UCC Green Campus Podcast Episode 10 with UCC Commuter Plan Manager Stephan Koch

20 May 2022

The 10th installment of the UCC Green Campus podcast is now available where we talk to UCC Commuter Plan Manager Stephan Koch.

Stephan talks about his role as UCC’s Commuter Plan Manager and his background as a transport planning engineer. He moves on to talk about being part of the transport mobility forum where he liaises with various transport authorities to promote sustainable transport. He talks about our existing commuter plan that runs to 2023 and the statistics on the travel habits of our student and staff.

He moves on to our carbon footprint in relation to staff and student travel and how Covid impacted this and the opportunities that arose from the pandemic. He explains the various schemes in UCC from car-pooling to park and ride, electric bikes, and the bike to work scheme. He talks about the benefits of cycling and the need for education and infrastructure to support cycling. He finishes by talking about facilities available to cyclists on campus and the various cycle routes available around Cork City.

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