How We're Doing

The amount of waste produced at UCC has reduced year-on-year since the beginning of the Green Flag Programme, despite both our population and campus size increasing.   Our “diversion from landfill” rate continues to increase due to improved recycling and better capture of food waste, which is sent to Tipperary to be composted.  Our diversion from landfill includes a small amount of incineration; this occurs after the waste has been sorted at the recycling centre and any valuable recyclate removed.  We can minimise the amount of waste that is incinerated by reducing waste production at source and ensuring the that our recycling bins contain only clean, dry, recyclable material.

Over the last year, UCC’s cleaning services contractor ISS has been monitoring the levels of recycling inside every building in UCC.  Each time a cleaner empties a bin they assess whether or not the recycling bin has been contaminated with non-recyclable material.  The number of recyclable versus “general waste” bags are recorded on a daily basis.

Below, you can see the recycling rate of your building.  In general, the rates are high.  In fact, given that the national recycling rate currently stands at just about 34%, we are doing really well!  At the moment UCC Green Campus and Buildings and Estates are working on rolling out a system of “binless” offices across campus, with well sign-posted recycling stations at key locations within buildings.  The aim is to first of all reduce the amount of waste being produced and secondly ensure the maximum amount of recycling.  If we haven’t gotten to your building yet, hold tight – we’re on the way!

Waste Rates All Buildings

If you are unsure of what plastics go into your recycling bin then the rule of thumb is….

….If the item returns to it’s original form after you’ve crumpled it up in your hand, then it goes into the recycling bin!

A more thorough explanation is available here –

Recycling List