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And it's SDG's



The graph above illustrates the results of a review of all of UCC’s modules for coverage of the SDGs.  The review was undertaken as part of the STARS submission process and the methodology can be accessed on UCC’s STARS report.   Currently 6% of all UCC modules relate directly to the Sustainable Development Goals.   60% of UCC’s Academic Departments offer at least one module related to sustainable development and 16% of students graduate having taken at least on of these modules.  The most relevant degree streams and programmes can be found below.


UCC’s new Academic Strategy was launched in December 2018 and focuses on 6 key priorities.  The first of these is to develop a “Connected Curriculum”, with sustainability and transdisciplinarity as two key elements.

The curriculum will facilitate students to develop values, skills and aptitudes that promote civic participation, social inclusion, sustainability, digital fluency and impactful, global citizenship.  More information can be found at the Deputy President and Registrar’s website.


Developing a Connected Curriculum: Integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within UCC’s Curriculum

In October 2019, UCC was awarded funding from the National Forum for Teaching and Learning to deliver a project under the Forum’s “Teaching and Learning Enhancement Within and Across Disciplines” programme.  The project seeks to support the professional development of UCC staff by enhancing teaching and learning both within (SDGs of relevance to the discipline) and across (cross-cutting competencies and skills) disciplines. Specifically, the initiative objective is to develop training resources for teaching staff including workshops and an online toolkit.

This project will undertake:

  • Desk-based research into global best-practice
  • Focus group sessions with students and staff to co-produce desired learning outcomes
  • Open Sessions highlighting best practice internally and promoting learning across disciplines
  • Developing an online toolkit on SDGs, Universities and Learning outcomes
  • Curriculum design for sustainable development

It is expected that the toolkit will be an open resource for all UCC teaching staff, promoted by CITRL through staff training, as well as the sustainability office. The ultimate outcome will be better coverage, measurement and assessment of the integration of SDGs within the UCC Curriculum.

The project officially commenced in March 2020 and will conclude in May 2021.  Stay tuned to this website for more updates!

Current Core Curriculum Offerings

Undergraduate Degree Streams

UCC offers a range of degree streams with environmental relevance, including:

Archaeology more information
Architecture more information
Applied Plant Biology (APB) more information
Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) more information
Chemical Sciences more information
Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering more information
Earth Science more information
Ecology and Environmental Biology (EEB) more information
Energy Engineering more information
Environmental Science more information
Geography more information
Geography and Archaeology more information
Geology more information
International Development and Food Policy more information
International Field Geosciences more information
Law more information
Microbiology more information
Process and Chemical Engineering more information
Rural Development more information
Sociology more information
Zoology more information

UCC offers a range of postgraduate programmes of relevance to sustainability, including:

Applied Coastal and Marine Management (MSc) more information
Archaeology (HDip) more information
Architecture (MArch) more information
Biotechnology (MSc) more information
Co-operative and Social Enterprise (MSc) more information
Ecological Assessment (PGDip) more information
Ecological Assessment (MSc) more information
Engineering – Sustainable Energy (MEngSc) more information
Environmental Analytical Chemistry (MSc) more information
Environmental Humanities (MSc) approval pending
Freshwater Quality Monitoring and Assessment (MSc) more information
Geography: Cities, Space and Culture (MA) more information
Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing (MSc) more information
Geology – Applied Environmental Geology (MSc) more information
Geology – Exploration Field Geology (MSc) more information
Landscape, Built Heritage and Design (MA) more information
Law – Environmental and Natural Resources Law (LLM) more information
Management and Marketing (MSc) more information
Marine Biology (MSc) more information
Marine Renewable Energy (MEngSc) more information
Planning and Sustainable Development (MPlan) more information
Sociology and Development of Globalisation (MA) more information
Sustainable Energy (MEngSc) more information

Adult Continuing Education (ACE) at UCC offer a range of short and long-duration courses for adult learners, many of which deal with environmental topics.

A full list of short courses is available here.

A full list of longer course is available here.