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Food Health and Wellbeing

Food Health and Wellbeing

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Food is considered a “nexus” SDG, in that improvements in food production and provision would have significant knock on effect to all other SDGs.    In addition a considerable number of sustainable food initiatives have been developed and promoted from within UCC, which positively impact both the University population and the wider community e.g. the Cork Food Policy Council, and the developments towards sustainable food provision on campus by the current main on-site catering contractor, KSG


The health and wellbeing of our staff and students are fundamental to achieving UCC’s mission.  The University has been awarded formal recognition by the HSE South for its efforts in Health Promotion and Improvement, under the umbrella of the UCC Health Matters initiative.  UCC is guided by the  Okanagan Charter (the International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges) in this regard.

UCC Farm to Fork

In 2016, UCC became the first University in Ireland to have fresh vegetables harvested from its own land and served in six of its restaurants.  80 to 100 tonnes of root vegetables are harvested throughout the winter months.  The plot is managed by the family-owned “Waterfall Farms” who deliver the fresh produce to our catering company KSG.  The vegetables also go into our soups which are served in 13 outlets across campus.  UCC’s catering company, KSG, has been awarded the highest accolade from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, a three star “Food Made Good” award.

 Farm To Fork UCC

Self Care is Climate Care - Program of Activity for 2022/2023


Buildling on the success of our Eco Grief workshops which were launched in 2021UCC Green Campus is delighted to launch our climate resilience programme for the academic year 2022/2023 with The Green Step. These events/workshops provide a space for students, staff and climate activists in our community to share and listen with compassion to one another as we process and navigate the climate emergency. The aim is to help you feel a bit lighter, energized and have a few new tools to manage your climate anxiety through the use of guided, earth based meditations, dance, sound baths and foraging walks that can help you find peace and calm within yourself. 

  • Foraging and nature walk - along the banks of the river to support students and staff to learn about and understand the ecosystem we are studying and living in while at UCC.
  • Blissdance - a trauma-informed somatic dance experience - offered with gentle guidance based on the framework of Joseph Campbell's Hero’s Journey. This session is designed to support staff and students move through deep-seated and powerful emotions in a mindful and fun way, and to help build community relationships.
  • Guided Sound Baths - For deep full-body relaxation to support activists, and calm their nervous systems and emotional stresses.

We believe that self care is climate care. 

Success, it's In Your Nature


Have you ever wondered what is needed to succeed as a student? One may say being bright and creative, thinking quickly or not getting overwhelmed by the goals that we have to accomplish. Nature can give us a hand in being all of those things. It is scientifically proven that contact with nature helps us sustain our attention, restores cognitive capacities when we are tired, supports our creativity, and reduces stress, improving our wellbeing.

At UCC, we are incredibly fortunate with our award-winning green campus and an abundance of nature, right on our doorstep! Our colleagues in the Graduate Attributes Programme together with the Green Campus Team firmly believe that Success, it's in Your Nature. To read more about it go to  New Success Zone module: ‘Success: It’s in your Nature’

Meatless Mondays

UCC Green Campus, UCC Health Matters, and KSG are running a series of “Meatless Mondays” in the main campus restaurant during term time.  Cutting down on our meat consumption is good for both our health and the health of the environment.  To find out more about the environmental benefits of Meatless Mondays, read our blog post here.  We encourage our staff and students to eat a healthy and varied diet, which can include plant-based meals.

UCC Health Matters

In 2012, UCC was officially recognised as a Health Promoting University.   The main aims of the Health Promoting University (HPU) Initiative are:

  • To integrate within the university’s culture and structures a committment to health and to developing its health promotion potential.
  • To promote the health and wellbeing of staff, students and the wider community.

UCC Green Campus work with the Health Matters Team to promote the many co-benefits of being more environmentally friendly.  For example, choosing more active travel options in the daily commute can also reduce your carbon footprint.

For more information visit the UCC Health Matters website: