One of the most important aspects of having a sustainable lab is ensuring the equipment and all other item purchased for the lab are as efficient as possible and therefore as sustainable as it can be.

Tips for purchasing in a more sustainable way. Even small steps can make a big impact.

1. Consolidating orders or purchasing in bulk is one of the ways purchasing can be made more sustainable.

2. When purchasing new equipment, it is important to assess the size of the piece versus what it is actually needed for. Different models of equipment can be more or less efficient. Be sure to check this out before purchasing. Equipment longevity and durability should also be considered.

3. Before purchasing a new piece of equipment, check to see if its already present in UCC. This way we could avoid buying another and potentially share pieces.

Contact UCC procurement @procurement@ucc.ie to ask further questions. And remember things will not change until we start asking suppliers to make changes. Consumers have a lot of power, especially in numbers. Work together with other lab users to make the changes you want to see!