Electric Car Charging

Electric Car Charging

As the move to electrification of cars gathers momentum UCC has invested in its charging infrastructure to provide our staff with the facilities to charge on site, should they require a charge to complete their return journey. Our charging stations are spread across the campus with the objective of having a charging station per large geographical area. The locations of the charging stations are shown in the below table. All persons using the PEV charging space must already be a UCC staff member and be entitled to access a car space on the UCC staff parks.


We are looking to expand the offering to the public facing car parks in Perrots Inch and College Road to allow students and visitors the option of charging while they visit the University. Our PEV charging stations are available on a first come, first serve basis and in the interest of fairness to all, users of the PEV charging stations must remove their car within a reasonable timeframe of the charging process been complete.

We have recently sourced an online platform that will allow drivers to see availability of the high use stations on Main Campus and North Mall as well as having the ability to start / stop their charging sessions. The new platform will also allow drivers to pay for the energy consumed during the charging process. We will be rolling the platform out to the other sites over time.

Monies collected through this mechanism will be used to cover the electrical costs and maintenance costs while also supporting the rollout of additional charging stations on campus. We will contact all our users when this platform is being rolled out.

If you wish to apply to avail of the service please read our UCC PEV Charging Policy that can be viewed here and complete the registration form which can be access here.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us at evcharging@ucc.ie

Green Campus Team